AOL Android App: A Better Experience of Using AOL

AOL is not just a service for creating email addresses with a fairly appealing domain, but also a reliable internet portal that is characterized by quick updates of actual news. The company has focused its efforts on bringing worthy content to you in the most comfortable way, and the AOL Android app actually allows you to browse the news quickly and easily as well as use your AOL email address from your smartphone. Follow the instructions of the step-by-step guide, presented below, in order to install the app and find out how to use it. Enjoy!


AOL Android App

Find the applications from AOL Inc. in the Google Market and select the first app

First Step. In the first place, you have got to enter the Google Market and type “AOL” in the search field.

AOL Android Application

Click on the “Install” button in order to get the AOL Android app installed

Second Step. Then, you will see a pretty decent list of apps produced by AOL. Indeed, that should not surprise you because AOL is a tech company in the first place. Among those apps, select the app under the name “AOL: Mail, News & Video.”

AOL App for Android

Accept the terms of using the AOL Android app

Third Step. Once you have entered the page of the AOL Android app, click on the green “Install” button. Following it, accept the terms of using this app and wait until the app is downloaded and installed.

AOL application for Android

This way looks the icon of the AOL Android app

Fourth Step. On the fourth image, you are able to see how looks the icon of this AOL app. Find it on your device and give it a click.

Application of Aol for Android

Skip the app’s preview

Fifth Step. Immediately after you have launched the app for the first time, you will get to see the preview about how this app actually works. Indeed, you can view the preview, but you are also able to click on “Close” (in the right-bottom part of the screen) if you want to skip it. Do the way you wish and proceed to the main page of this app.

App of Aol for Android

In the section, you get to see the most recent, fresh news

Sixth Step. Once you have got to see the main page, where you will constantly see recent and most important news displayed, you can finally see the interface of the app. Below, you will see four buttons that will help you to navigate between the news sections and email. The first button allows you to access your AOL email account. The second button leads you to the page of News you are currently viewing. Above, you can open a menu of the news by clicking on the button consisting of three lines below each other, to the left side from “Menu.” There, you can opt a special category of news to be displayed.

Android AOL

Here you can browse the app’s channels

The third button, named “Features”, allows you to access videos. Likewise, you are also able to browse this section with the “Features” menu button above. After all, the last button allows you to search the content you want on the AOL internet portal.

Aol on Android

In the “Features” section, you are able to view the most recent videos

This way, the AOL Android app allows you to be on track of the recent news easily and comfortably.