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Learn how to AOL sign up, which had previously been known as America Online, is a US tech corporation, which makes a particular accent on its content.

Unfortunately, the company’s reorientation from providing email and other similar internet services to the focus on content has led to some problems in the way how its email system functions. However, millions and millions of users still prefer to use AOL as an email service provider than other companies thanks to its appealing domain. Indeed, wouldn’t [email protected] be looking nice

And in order to get such an email account, you need just to complete the AOL sign up procedure, which is fairly easy to do. Just follow the guide, published below.



AOL Sign Up Step-by-Step:


  • First Step. Start the process of AOL sign up by launching the browser and going to

 create new aol account join

Go to the mail section on the website of AOL


  • Second Step. There is a menu that you can see on the left, and it begins with “Mail”, “Search”, “Sign In/Join”, etc. You should click on “Sign In/Join.”

aol sign up

Beside the AOL sign-in form, there is a length of fresh news




  • Third Step. Then, you will get to see the page, where the users (who are already registered on AOL) sign in to the system. You need to get started on AOL yet, so find the text “Get a Free Username” on that sign in form. Once you have found that text, click right on it.


In order to complete the procedure of AOL sign up, you need to fill this simple form

  • Fourth Step. The page you have got to see now is the page of AOL sign up, and you can actually see that form on the right. You need to fill all the fields prior to getting registered, so start doing it.

At first, you need to provide your first and second names. Then, choose any available username, which in future will stand for your email address. In the third and fourth rows, you should type the password in and repeat it. Try to make up as a reliable password as it can be, yet keep in mind that these fields are case-sensitive. Proceed to provide your birthdate and gender. Specify your Zip code. Choose a security question, which will be used for recovering your account if you will forget or lose the password, and write an answer for it. Provide the system with your mobile number, and this is mandatory. At the same time, providing an alternate email is completely up to you.

After all, enter the symbols from the image and click on the “Sign Up” button.



After filling all the fields, you should click on the “Sign Up” button.

  • Fifth Step. Once you have done it, you will see a notification that you need to confirm your mobile phone number. Copy the verification code you have received onto your mobile and paste in the field on the AOL webpage. Click on “Next.” Now, you have just completed the AOL sign up procedure.


Video-Tutorial (How to Sign Up to AOL):

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