Best Android Applications from AOL Inc

AOL Inc., apart from being known as a provider of email services and digital content, is also a renowned tech company that has developed a number of useful apps. Indeed, you can definitely find something useful for you in those apps, and in this article you will get to know about the best Android applications from AOL. Stay tuned!


Android applications from AOL

Here you can see a shortened list of Android applications from AOL

Alto – Email Organized for You

Best Android applications from AOL

This is one of the Android applications from AOL that allows you to organize your email

The name of this app is fairly self-explanatory, and it allows you to manage your email account more efficiently and comfortably. Even though this app is developed by AOL, it supports not only AOL email address, but also those ones of Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and a few others. With the help of this app, you can sort out the letters in your inbox, group them, and set up comfortable settings for managing your email from the smartphone.


AOL Android apps

Engadget is one of the best apps for delivering fresh news about electronics

Engadget is one of the best Android applications from AOL for geeks and those interested in the tech stuff. Indeed, it gives you an opportunity to always have fresh tech news at hand. Just take your phone, launch the app, and you are already in the tech world. The content is not limited to solely text news, but also includes podcasts, videos, shows, and reviews. You are also able to turn the notifications on and so get notified about the fresh news appearing in the app.


AOL Android Applications

TechCrunch is another AOL app created for delivering technology news

This another app from AOL that promises to deliver fresh tech news. In this app, you have got to navigate between three sections: “Articles”, “Trending” (i.e. news), and “Video.” This way, you are able to find the content that suits your needs best and get constantly informed about the latest tech novelties and rumors.

Vivv Free effects and filters

Best AOL Android Apps

AOL Inc. has also developed a tool for creating impressive images and videos

This application, delivered by AOL Inc., allows you to create impressive videos and photos by playing with colors. Indeed, there are a large number of settings you can apply to your content. Apart from that, there are also other features – turning on the flash or removing some of the colors. Indeed, this app allows you to get really impressive photos, though you have to practice with videos quite much.


Best AOL Android applications

Pip is a messaging platform from AOL

Pip is a message platform with a fairly simple interface. It allows to talk to your friends and let them see your location, as well as you can create “pips” about the shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels you have visited. In this simple way, you are sharing the important information and staying in touch with your friends.


AOL Apps

AOL has even the app for a car blog

Do you want to be notified about latest novelties and news of the car market? Get the AutoblogVR installed! This app not only allows you to receive recent car news, but also provides informative reviews about latest models.

Sage – Predict the Future

AOL Applications for Android

Sage is rather an entertainment app, unlike the other apps from AOL

With the help of this app, you can share forecasts about any matter with your friends. Likewise, you get to see the predictions of your friends too. In order to use this app, you need to sign up for it with the help of your Twitter or Facebook account. The categories for predictions include such ones: sports, entertainments, technology, politics, finance, and general. You can agree or disagree with your friends as well as you can share your correct forecasts.