How to Change Your AOL Password

AOL is one of the most popular internet websites in the Western world, and its highly attractive email address does not leave the users unaffected. This does not appear to be a surprise for experienced internet users, however. So, if you have just recently joined AOL and are seeking for the information about how to change AOL password, this page is tailored exactly for you!


Indeed, there is nothing difficult in manipulating your security settings at AOL, and changing your password will not take more than a couple of minutes of your time. Just follow the guidelines that are published below and enjoy your new password for AOL. Good luck!

Change AOL Password Stepy-by-Step:

AOL Password

Before you will get to change AOL password, you need to sign in to this internet portal

  • First Step. In the first place, you should enter the website of AOL. In order to do so, launch your browser and copy the next link into its address field: Hit the “Enter” button.
  • Second Step. Once you have got to see the website of AOL, you will notice a large menu on the left. Find one of the following buttons in that menu: “Sign in/Join” or “Mail”. Click on any of those buttons in order to proceed further.

Change AOL password

Use your email address and password in order to get logged in to AOL

  • Third Step. Now, you will get to see the AOL sign in form. Log in to your AOL account by using your email address (or username) and password as well as clicking on the “Sign In” button.
  • Fourth Step. Once you have accessed your AOL account, go to the page of the information about your account. Go to the settings of security. Prior to being able to access the security settings, you will be asked an account security question that you had previously set up. Answer it and proceed further.

Change your AOL Password

On the page of the AOL account security, click on the field for changing your AOL password

  • Fifth Step. Immediately after you have accessed the settings of account security, find the field of password. Click on “Change Your Password” in order to advance further.
  • Sixth Step. There is only step more left. Now, you have to type your current (or old) password in the first field. Then, compose a password that will be strong and reliable enough, as well as you will be able to remember it easily. Otherwise, you might have a need to recover your password in the future. So once you have composed a new password, type that password in the second and third fields. After that, click on the blue “Save” button.

AOL Password Change

In the opened window, provide your old password and enter in the remaining two fields your new password; click on “Save”

  • Seventh Step. Immediately after it, you will notice that your password has been updated. From that moment on, you will be able to access your AOL account only by using the newly set password.