Changing Your Default AOL Theme

If you want to adorn your AOL account or make it somewhat brighter, there can be no better decision than to replace the default AOL theme.


Indeed, you might have got used to that theme and started considering it boring. So why seeing it over and over, if there are lots of better options than this The time you will spend on this procedure of replacing the theme is equal to the time you spend on preparing a tea. So, just follow the simple, step-by-step guide, published below, and make your account look more appealing for yourself and for the people around you. Enjoy!

AOL theme

Click on any of these buttons, if you want to access the AOL account and change the default theme

  • In the first place, you should open the browser and copy the following URL into the address line of it: Immediately after doing so, hit the “Enter” button.
  • Right after that, you will get to see the main page of AOL. To the left side of the page, there will be a menu. In that menu, you have to click on “SIGN IN/JOIN” or “MAIL” – it does not matter which button you will click on.

change aol theme

Use your AOL username and password in order to log in; once you have entered that information, click on this button

  • After clicking on those buttons, you will get to see the page for signing in to AOL. On that page, you have to enter your username or email address and the password of your AOL account. Once you have done so, click on the “Sign in” button.
  • When you have accessed your AOL account, you need to click on the “Options” text button, placed in the right-upper part of the page.

replacing aol theme

This time, you need to go to the page of “Mail Themes”, instead of the “Mail Settings” page

  • In the pop-up menu that you have got to see after clicking on the text button, find the “Mail Themes” option. Click on it.
  • Right after doing so, you will get to see the page with lots of various AOL themes. In order to change the default AOL theme, you need to click on any of the themes you like and see how it looks for your account. You can experiment so by viewing all of the themes or exactly those themes you prefer.

aol themes change

This way, looks the page of selecting themes on AOL

  • Once you have made up your mind and picked up an AOL theme you like, you have to scroll down till the bottom of the page and click on the “Save” button. After doing so, you can browse all of the pages at your AOL account and you will see that your theme will be the new one on all the pages of AOL. If you will have a wish to change an AOL theme once again, just repeat the procedure that you have just completed.

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