Getting Registered on AOL via its AOL Android Application

AOL still remains to be one of the most popular email service providers with the quite nice domain. What is especially great about this service is the fact that you can sign up for it not only on its website, but also by using the AOL Android application. Apart from signing up and using your AOL email address, you can also view the recent news and videos with the help of this app. So, learn below how to get registered on AOL.


AOL Android Application

Search for applications from AOL and select the first application in the list

First Step. You should start this procedure by downloading the app onto your mobile phone. First of all, go to the Google Market and type “AOL” in the search field.

AOL Android APP

In order to get the AOL Android application installed, click on the “Install” button

Second Step. Then, you will see a list of apps. The apps that are displayed in the upper part of the list are developed by AOL Inc. There, you should find the AOL: Mail, News & Video app. Click on it.

Register AOL

Prior to installing the application, you need to accept the terms of use

Third Step. Once you have accessed the page of the AOL Android application, click on “Install” and accept the terms of use. After that, the application will be downloaded and installed onto your smartphone.

Create account AOL

Find such an icon on the table of your smartphone

Fourth Step. Find the button of the AOL Android application on the phone table and click on it. Once the app has been launched, click on “Close” in order to skip the preview.

AOL getting registered

After launching the app, proceed further by clicking on “Close”

Fifth Step. Then, you will see the app buttons at the bottom. Click on the first one in the form of letter.

AOL sign up

Enter the email section by clicking on the respective button

Sixth Step. You will see the sign in page, and also you will notice an offer to sign up for AOL under the blue “Sign In” button. Give it a click.

Sign up for AOL

In order to get a free AOL account, click here

Seventh Step. Right after it, you will see a sign up form that you have to complete. There, you need to enter your full name, future username, make up a password and repeat it, provide your date of birth, Zip code, set a security question and answer to it, and provide your phone number. Providing the phone number is mandatory, whereas you can also opt to provide the alternate email address. After all, enter the symbols from the Captcha and click on “Sign up.”

AOL app sign up

You should complete this form in order to get registered

Eighth Step. You will get a code onto your mobile number, and you must enter this verification code in the given field. Click on the “Finish” button. Now, you have just created an email account with the help of AOL Android app!

AOL application for Android

Type the code you have received on your mobile number in this field