How to Take Advantage of AOL Filters

Resorting to AOL filters does not mean that you will face more issues or spend more time on this matter; rather, you can save a lot of your time and avoid unnecessary spam or other problems by using any filters.


As a matter of fact, many people resort to using email filters for the sake of security and simplicity. So why you should renounce this feature and not resort to the use of it Besides, it is not that difficult to set up email filters as it may seem to you. So if you wish to give it a try, make use of the step-by-step guide, written in plain English and published right below.

AOL filters

Log in to your AOL account and set up AOL filters the way you wish

  • First of all, open the browser and go to the following website:
  • After entering the AOL website, you will notice a menu on the left side. In that menu, you have to click on one of the following buttons: “MAIL” or “SIGN IN/JOIN.”

create filters on aol

You need to give a click to the “Sign In” button after entering your username and password

  • After giving a click to any of those buttons, you appear on the page of AOL sign in. In order to log in to the system, you have to use your username, password, and click on the “Sign In” button. If you want to see how this procedure works in details, you can read the AOL Sign In

set up filters on aol

You are able to create new AOL filters by digging into the settings of your AOL account

  • You have just accessed your account and so you should look for the “Options” text button, located in the right-upper part of your screen. Click on it, once you have found that text button.
  • In the pop-up menu that has been just opened, you need to select “Mail Settings.”

create aol filters

This way, you are able to set up email filters the way you wish

  • After clicking on the “Mail Settings” option, you get to see the account settings page. On the left, there will be various sections. You need to go to the section of “Filters and Alerts.”
  • In that section, find the “Create filter” button. Give it a click.

creating email filters

After you are done with arranging the settings of the filter, click on the “Create” button

  • In the next window, you will be able to set up a new filter. You have to enter the name of the filter in the first field. You can sort out the letters according to who sent them, who received them, what was written in the titles and in the letters. Then, decide what action to do with the letters that matched the conditions you have specified. After all, you can either send or not to send alerts by placing/removing the ticks near the last fields. Click on “Create” button. Now, your newly set filter is working.

By the way, you may find it useful to have a look at the Create New Account AOL and AOL Sign Up pages.