How to Add Mobile Phone Number to Facebook Account

Facebook is a social network that allows you to stay in touch with your friends, get access to important data of theirs, and just communicate with others (also, it can be used for business purposes as well). Therefore, losing a control over an important account may be irremissible. In order to avoid such an outcome, it is recommended to add mobile phone number to Facebook account of yours, and this guide will help you in doing so.


How to Add Mobile Phone Number to Facebook Account

Prior you will get to add mobile phone number to Facebook account, you should log in the social network first

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You should click on the button of options and select “Settings” in the pop-up menu

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Select “Mobile” in the sections of your account settings

  • Then, find a small menu containing various buttons at the top (look at the second image). You need to click on the “Settings” button (in a form of a pointer) and select “Settings” in a pop-up menu that has been triggered.

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This page allows you to add mobile phone number to Facebook account

  • Once you have accessed the page of settings, you should select the “Mobile” section of settings.

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If you don’t see your operator displayed in the second field, you should click on the text button (the second pointer on the image)

  • On the “Mobile Settings” page, you should click on the green “Add Phone” button.

facebook account protection

Specify your country, enter your phone number, and click on the “Continue” button

  • After that, you have to select your country. If you don’t get to see the operator of yours in the second line, you should click on the “add your phone number here” text button. Otherwise, click on “Next.”

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Once you have obtained a confirmation code via an SMS message, enter it in the given field

  • In the following window, you should select your country once again (or it may be selected already) and provide your phone number in the second line. Click on the “Continue” button.

facebook account phone number

After entering the code, click on the “Confirm” button

  • After that, you will receive an SMS with a verification code onto your mobile phone. Enter the code from the SMS in the provided field and click on the “Confirm”button.

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The last step implies specifying a couple of settings and clicking on the “Save Settings” button

  • The last step of yours will require a bit of settings configurations to be done. First of all, you should decide whether you want to receive notifications from Facebook via SMSs (if you do, select “Turn on text notifications”). The other setting is about with whom you want to share your phone number: everyone, friends only, or leave it available only to you. After selecting the option you want, click on the “Save Settings” button.