How to Create a Facebook Event

Facebook offers a large number of useful features, which allow all of us to organize our lives better and get some things done easier and faster. One of such features is an ability to create a Facebook event and invite all your friends, relatives, people you know, and even random people. This makes the process of organizing a certain event (a party or a meeting, for example) far simpler. Moreover, Facebook allows send invites not solely through this social network, but also to emails and via SMS messages. In order to create a Facebook event, you should just follow the guidelines, provided below.


how to create a Facebook event

Before you will get to create a Facebook event, you should log in to your account

facebook create

In order to set up a Facebook event, you should click on this tiny text button

  • On the social network’s website, find the sign in form, located at the top. Provide your login (phone number or email), password, and click on the “Log In” button.
  • Once you have got to see the feed of your Facebook account, pay attention to the large menu, located on the left. At the bottom of it, under the “CREATE” writing, click on the “Event” text button.

events on facebook

You are able to choose whether to create a public (everyone can see the event and join it) or private event on Facebook

  • You will get to see the window for creating an event. In the first place, choose whether you want to create a public (can be seen, joined, and attended by anyone on Facebook) or private event by selecting the certain option at the top of the window (look at the screenshot).

facebook events

Once you are done with setting the event up, click on the “Create Private Event” button

  • Then, choose a theme for your event. Then, fill the following lines: event name, location, start time, end time (optional), and description. Once you are done with this, click on “Create Private Event.”

social media events

In order to invite people to your event, you should give a click here

  • In a matter of seconds, a new event will be created, and you will get to see its page. At the top of the page (just below the event’s image), you will see the “Invite” button. In order to invite people to your event, click on it.

events on social media

You can invite friends on Facebook or send email or SMS invitations

  • In the pop-up menu (a small menu, frankly), select whether you want to invite them on Facebook (“Choose Friends”) or via SMS messages or send invitations to email addresses.

smm event

Here, you can select people who should receive invites to your event on Facebook

  • In the new window, you can manage your contacts. Just type an email address, a name of the person, or his/her phone number in the field, located at the window’s top. Once you are done with selecting personas, click on “Send Invites.”
  • Once that has been done, your friends will receive invites and, perhaps, will attend your event (or at least, they will be aware of it).