Ensure Your Facebook Privacy

While using Facebook, one has to keep in mind always that this website is a social network (which is, by the way, the largest social network in the world), and so the aspect of Facebook privacy cannot be neglected.


So if you have made use of our previous guides – namely, Facebook Sign In, Facebook Sign Up, and Create New Account Facebook – and joined the network, you need to adjust your privacy settings. You can easily get it done by spending 5 minutes of your time and following the instructions, published below.

facebook privacy

Prior to applying new Facebook privacy settings, log in to the social network

facebook privacy settings

After clicking this button, you will open a menu of settings

  • Once you have done it, log in to your Facebook account by using the sign in form, placed in the top of Facebook’s main page.

settings of facebook privacy

After opening the pop-up menu, you have to select “Settings” once again

  • Immediately after accessing your Facebook account, go to the menu of settings. You will see the button of the settings on the right side, at the top, in a shape of pointer. Click on it and you will see a pop-up menu.

ensure facebook privacy

You need to go to the section of Facebook privacy settings

  • Once you have got to see the pop-up menu, select “Settings” out of other options.

ensuring facebook privacy

This way looks the page of settings of Facebook privacy

  • You will get to see the page of Facebook general settings then. Yet, you have to go to the privacy settings: select this category on the left.

improve facebook privacy

You can also change what other users see in your profile

  • On the page of privacy settings, you will see three main divisions of settings: “Who can see my stuff”, “Who can contact me”, and “Who can look me up”. In the first division, there are three fields: the first field allows you to edit who can see your posts (click on “Edit), the second field allows you to view the record of your activity, and in the third field you can limit the audience who are able to view your past posts.

improvement of facebook privacy

After clicking on the button of Facebook privacy shortcuts, you can change who can see a particular information about you (like email address or the birthdate)

In the second division, you can opt who can add you as a friend: either everyone, or friends of friends.

In the first two fields of the third division you can opt who is able to look you up via your email address or phone number (even though they may not to see them). In the last field, you can prohibit search engines (like Google) to be linking to your profile – by default, they do link to your profile.

  • You can also make use of privacy shortcuts: find that button near the button of settings, placed in the right-upper part of the page. Click on it and select “Privacy Checkup.”
  • Click on the “Next” button twice, and finally you will get to see the page with the information of your profile. You can hide it by opting who can see that information. Once you have done it, click on the “Finish Up” button.