How to Set Up Facebook 2-Step Verification

If taking advantage of all settings of your Facebook account’s security is not enough for you and you want to add an extra layer of safety, you may consider setting up Facebook 2-step verification. That means that you will be sent a verification code onto your mobile number each time you will try to log in to your Facebook account. Thus, it makes barely possible that anyone else will be able to access it. In order to set this feature up, follow the guidelines.


facebook 2-step verification

The first step in setting up Facebook 2-step verification is logging in to your account

2-step verification on facebook

You need to access the page of settings in order to proceed further

  • At the top, there will be a sign in form. Type your email address/phone number in the first field, password in the second field, and click on “Log In.”

facebook 2-factor authentication

Setting up Facebook 2-step verification is possible in the “Security and Login” section of the settings

  • Once you have accessed your Facebook account, click on the button of an arrow pointing down (look at the screenshot), located in the right-upper corner. In the pop-up menu, select the “Settings” item.

2-factor authentication on facebook

Click on the „Edit“ button

  • In the window of settings, go to the section of “Security and Login.”

facebook security

Prior to turning this feature on, you should add your phone number

  • On that page, you will see the “Setting Up Extra Security” section. Click on the “Edit” button near “Use two-factor authentication.”

facebook safety

After providing your phone number, click on the “Continue” button

  • Among all factors, click on the “Add phone” text button, located near the “Text Message (SMS)” option.

security on facebook

Enter the code you have received and click on “Confirm”

  • In the following window, you should choose your country, type your phone number in, and click on “Continue.”

safety on facebook

Select who can see your phone number and click on “Save Settings” then

  • Once you have received the verification code onto your mobile number, enter it in the given field and click on the “Confirm” button.

secure facebook account

You still need to enable the feature of Facebook 2-step verification; click on “Enable”

  • In the next window, you should select with whom you want to share your phone number (we suggest to select “Only Me”) and whether to turn the notifications on (we suggest not to do it). Then, click on the “Save Settings” button.

strong facebook account

Enter your password once again and click on “Submit”

  • The procedure is not over yet. Now, you need to click on “Enable” near the “Text Message (SMS)” option.

strong account on facebook

Show that you’re sure about turning this feature on by clicking on “Enable”

  • You will be asked to re-enter your password in the next window. Do it and click on “Submit.”

secure account on facebook

Now, you should use your mobile phone for receiving code each time you attempt to log in to your Facebook account

  • At the end, you will be asked whether you are sure about turning the 2-factor authentication again. Click on “Enable” in order to finalize the procedure.