Facebook App Feature of Receiving Messenger and Instagram Messeges Is Under Testing

According to the reports from a few sources, Facebook is currently working over testing and implementing a new Facebook app feature for both iOS and Android, which will make possible to receive messages the users receive on Instagram and in Messenger within one app. This is another attempt of Facebook to make switching between the apps from its family easier, which thus can be done by just making one single click. Notifications about new incoming messages in Instagram and Messenger will appear in the Facebook app, while a single click will lead to the other app.


Even though there is a wave of enthusiasm across social media platforms, as many users share the idea of an easier switch between the apps and integrating all the apps into one application, this feature, which is currently under testing, may also upset a large number of users, who prefer to keep their social media accounts separated. The new Facebook app feature, which is currently being under testing, was first spotted by Mari Smith, a social media analyst who works in San Diego, as she posted the news and screenshot with the notification on her Facebook.

facebook app feature

The new Facebook app feature will allow users to receive messages they receive in Messenger (private messages in Facebook) and Instagram within the original Facebook app

In regards to the new feature, there will be a menu, located in the lower part of the screen, with notifications about new messages from users on Instagram and Facebook (i.e. in Messenger). A peculiar thing, which has been noticed by many social media analysts, is that Whatsapp, which – in the same way as Instagram – is owned by Facebook, was not included into this new Facebook app feature for now.

A representative of Facebook confirmed that the new feature is being currently tested: “Now, we are carrying out a minor test, which will help us come up with an idea how to make the experience of staying in touch with the people from the contact/friend list and meeting new people easier.” At the same time, the representative pointed out that they “are really trying to find a way to switch between three platforms – Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram – easier and faster.”

The new transformation of the app is expected to come next week worldwide for both iOS and Android platforms, as the users will be able to test the new feature. Also, the company quite reshuffled the features depicted on the screen, since a bottom bar now contains Games, People, the Camera button, Calls, and Home. At the same time, the top bar will display favorite Groups, who from the contact list is active, and Messages. As it may seem, the app is reorganized the way that it makes a central point for connecting with businesses and people around the Messenger. The company’s representative stated that “this way, you will be able to navigate and switch between the apps quickly and easily.”

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