Facebook Creator App Entraps YouTube Publishers

This week, the world’s largest social network has announced about a launch of its Facebook Creator App, which was developed with a purpose to attract video publishers from YouTube, a video streaming service owned by Alphabet (the parent company of Google and Gmail). The rumors about the oncoming launch of such an app were spreading for the entire year, as it was obvious that Facebook is going to attempt to grab a share of the video market. In particular, the world’s largest social network made a number of steps, which made the launch of an app similar to the Facebook Creator App quite predictable.


The newly launched app allows the users to create original videos with ease, as well as it has become fairly easy for them to launch online streams with their mobile phones. As the creators said, the new application will give the users an opportunity to take advantage of a number of additional features, including an ability to make designed frames around the videos, various camera effects, and adding intros or outros to online streams. Besides, the users will also be able to access the page with the necessary data for analytics after this update. After all, the company  has promised to develop such an application back in June 2017.

Facebook Creator App Entraps YouTube Publishers

In addition to the launch of the app itself, Facebook has also created a video creator hub, where publishers can get to know more about creating videos via the Facebook Creator App and  get their questions answered from Facebook support. Fidji Simo, the vice president of Facebook, commented the new product in the following way: “Now, we are going to launch a new app, which will actually serve as a hub for the video publishers – they will be able to do everything in one place, including going live with exclusive content, making original videos, get access to data and analytics, and staying in touch with their community on Facebook. The new website that we have developed will provide video publishers with education, support, and inspiration.”

For quite a long period of time, the world’s largest social network concentrated efforts on drawing publishers – along with the videos and content – from all over the web to its platform. In order to accelerate that process, Facebook has added the feature of adding video ads in the midst of the video earlier this year. That was followed by the company’s move to create the “Watch” hub for original shows at the end of this summer. Those features also added the users an opportunity to take advantage of the sponsored content.

Nevertheless, many competitors doubt about the chances of Facebook to rival YouTube, as the company hasn’t introduced the feature of adding commercial to all the videos – the way YouTube had done a long time ago. And this news is not connected with the issue of monetization, though it shows that Facebook is on the path of joining the market of commercial video ads.