Facebook Facial Recognition Feature Will Be Used For Notifying About Uploaded Photos

Perhaps, anyone who uses the world’s largest social network is aware of the Facebook facial recognition feature. Thanks exactly to this feature, Facebook immediately notices when a photo of any Facebook user gets uploaded. Now, this facial recognition technology will not just help Facebook to recognize you, but will also notify you about the photo upload.


The company is going to expand the use of the Facebook facial recognition feature, which will now alert a person if a friend (or a friend’s friend) has uploaded his or her photo. Even if a person you don’t know uploads your photo, Facebook will notify you about that as well. In the blog of the company, developers published a blog post, in which they explained the motives of such a move. In particular, they think that such a feature will help to fight against impersonating other people on Facebook.

Facebook Facial Recognition Feature Will Be Used For Notifying About Uploaded Photos

Facebook facial recognition feature will notify about your uploaded photos without a need to tag you

The management of the company thinks that introducing such a novelty will help to improve the privacy settings for those people who use the social network. For example, if some acquaintance or friend of yours has uploaded an embarrassing photo of you, it would be better if you get to know about it by getting notified by the system.

But social media experts think that there is another reason why the company has expanded the capabilities of the Facebook facial recognition feature, which has been left off the records. In this way, the company is trying to combat fake new it has sworn to stop before. Typically, such fake news are posted on Facebook from fake accounts that use the photos of third-party users as their profile photos. Obviously, such a move is likely to noticeably reduce the flow of fake news: if a person will notice that his/her photo has been uploaded elsewhere on Facebook, he/she will most likely report the owner of the fake account for inauthentic account.

In either case, you must be aware of the fact that this company is trying to expand the scope of this feature. First of all, pay attention to the page of settings – Facebook is aiming to change the default settings in order to add more features of facial recognition. While the company is asking you for using the facial recognition feature in regards to you now, it may change soon. Instead, the company will include all other features in the “facial recognition” line. So if you grant access to Facebook for using that feature, it will extend to other services and features connected with facial recognition

Obviously, this feature has obvious drawbacks, but is likely to pose a tremendous threat to your privacy as well. So it is up to you to decide what you will choose – just you should be aware of the soon-to-be-updated Facebook settings.

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