Facebook Local News and Events Feature Is Under Testing

The world’s largest social network is testing the new Facebook local news and events feature, which will be tailored for the inhabitants of each city differently. The goal of this Facebook’s endeavor is, perhaps, to grow the supply local events and news. Especially that comes as an, indeed, useful feature after the new revamp of the Facebook algorithm, which is going to significantly cut the share of news and media posts over 2018.


This effort of the world’s largest social network will supply the users with the information about locals news and events. The new Facebook local news and events feature, the testing of which was spotted in the Facebook app, will be called “Today In.” This feature will tend to be a bunch of city-specific information, such as local news, announcements, and events.

Initially, this feature will be launched only in very few markets, including such cities like Little Rock, Illinois, and Peoria (Arkansas), Binghamton and New York (New York), Billings (Montana), Olympia (Washington), and New Orleans (Louisiana). Soon, all the users who live in these test cities will be able to access this feature by clicking on the bottom-right button in the Facebook app.

Facebook Local News and Events Feature Is Under Testing

Inhabitants who live in the cities regarded to the testing markets will be able to enjoy the Facebook local news and events feature soon

TechCrunch, a leading magazine about technology and social media, reported that the News Partnership of Facebook will initiate this process, and the news will be curated by both humans and robots. Though, it is worth to mention that it would be better if a large share of the job will be done by the humans after all (but it may increase the costs of this service, thus requiring more ads to be displayed).

This step was made by Facebook after the launch of its Journalism Project Initiative, which was announced in the early 2017. This initiative aims to build partnerships with local journalists. This move was made with an attempt to improve the relationships of this social media giant with publishers. It seems, after all, that the new Facebook local news and events feature is just the beginning of this process.

And even though the oncoming rollout of this feature is barely the first attempt of Facebook to deliver local content, it seems that the company changed the strategy and decided to act carefully and cautiously. Instead of launching a full-scale feature, it will just try to test in specific markets. And while this oncoming feature cannot replace the news that will almost disappear from the news feed due to the new shift in the algorithm, it may be a popular and completely new feature, which will help the users to get to know more about local events faster and easier. Yet, tech analysts think that diminishing the scope of Facebook may lead to the falling price of shares of this company, as such moves won’t get appreciation from advertisers and shareholders.

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