Facebook Announced a Vast Revamp of the Facebook News Feed

The rollout of the new Facebook algorithm and how it changed the Facebook news feed are clear: we will read less news on Facebook, we will watch fewer videos, and we will see fewer ads. At least, the theory of this massive revamp goes so. As the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, claimed, Facebook is likely to lose a pretty good deal of money it makes from all the users.


If this kind of news would have appeared a year ago, this would cause an alarm among many observers. However, now it became clear that something is really wrong with this platform, and even Mark Zuckerberg recognized it in one of his blog posts. The company decided that a solution to this issue would be revamping the Facebook news feed, which may eventually cause Facebook to shrink.

Facebook Announced a Vast Revamp of the Facebook News Feed

Your Facebook news feed will be less flooded with the posts from big brands and companies

This way, Facebook came up with a detailed plan how it is going to stress more “meaningful” communication and interactions on this platform. The word “meaningful” for Facebook means that posts generate a lot of comments, shares, and likes. A number of researches have found that people feel happier when they use a social network and comment actively. If the people are less engaged, dissatisfaction grows then.

And while this revamp of the Facebook news feed may seem not as something important, the consequences of this move will be, indeed, profound. This change will affect all Facebook users, from large companies and small businesses up to ordinary users. What has caused a sharp criticism towards Facebook was a post by Mark Zuckerberg, in which he stated that business pages will reach fewer people in 2018. After that post, the shares of Facebook fell down by 4% during just one day.

Then, Zuckerberg said that the new update “will cause you see less public content from media, brands and businesses. And even the public content that will appear should match the criteria of “meaningfulness.” That means that pages that post content that receives few comments, likes and shares are very unlikely to appear in your Facebook news feed. Facebook’s CEO also made it clear that he understands that some measurements and indicators may go down after this revamp. Yet, he hopes that it will make spending time on Facebook more valuable.

At the present time, however, it is barely possible to say how the updated news feed will look like. In the past, Facebook announced similar updates, but video content and news from big companies are still thriving on this social network. But observers believe that this time a genuine update and revamp will take place. Facebook has actually strived to limit the efforts of big brands to post astonishing amounts of content since 2015. Now it may be the time when the content posted by your friends will be dominant in your news feed.

By the way, Facebook also aims to expand the use of its facial recognition feature.