New Facebook Recruiting Feature Is Aimed to Rival LinkedIn

On 7th November, Facebook made a statement that it was testing a feature of Facebook recruiting, which would give the administrators of pages the rights to post job offers and receive CVs and resumes from those interested ones.


Competition in the tech sphere is getting more and more truculent, since the Facebook’s announcement about launching a new feature for administrators of companies’ pages in this social network.  Such a move of Facebook has led to a noticeable drop in the shares of LinkedIn, an employment-oriented social network where employers and job-seekers can meet up.

facebook recruiting feature

The shares of LinkedIn sharply plummeted after the statement made by the other tech company about the new Facebook recruiting feature

The company’s representatives told a correspondent of Reuters that they “have been tracking the behavior of owners of small business pages and spotted that many of them have typically resorted to job postings.” This, in turn, has prompted the company to run a test feature for page administrators that would enable them to create posts of job offers right on their pages and receive applications sent by candidates.

Considering the fact that most of the revenues of LinkedIn come from recruiters and job-seekers, as they have to pay monthly fees in order to be able to post CVs and seek for candidates. Thus, such a move of the world’s largest social network has threatened the positions of LinkedIn, since this feature may turn the tech business upside down. TechCrunch, a tech news website owned by AOL, was the first source that reported about the oncoming feature and has described it in details.

Whereas the announced feature threatens the business model of LinkedIn, it promises a way great prospects for Facebook. Many tech experts stick to the opinion that the introduction of such a feature, which would be free (or at a significantly lower fee than the one of LinkedIn), would drive the traffic to this social network as well as to the pages that make job postings. So, it is reasonable to suppose that Facebook may introduce a fee for making such postings available.

Even though it was revealed that the feature is currently undergoing the testing process, there is no information whether the feature will be available and (if it will be) when, yet. According to the rumors of the tech experts, the users can expect the feature to be released no earlier than at the beginning of 2017.

In the precipitation of the introduction of the Facebook recruiting feature, a few experts express their concerns regarding whether such a move to the “field of the other player” will be successful. Having said that, the experts cite the experience of Google, which had attempted to rival Facebook with its Google+ service, yet barely succeeded to bring any noticeable results. So despite the general anxiousness of users, many of whom can’t wait the feature to be released, there are also quite enough people who remain skeptical about this conception.

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