What Are Facebook Suggest Edits

Facebook is a social network that contains tons of information, which must be verified and checked. The Facebook suggest edits feature is actually the one that helps to make sure that the information you find on Facebook about places and establishments is valid, true. You can also help Facebook verify the addresses, phone number, and other attributes of various places in your city or country. Our guide will show you how to get started in this and help Facebook verify the information.


What Are Facebook Suggest Edits

Facebook suggest edits is the feature that allows the company to verify locations, phone number, categories and other stuff of various places

  • In order to try to use the Facebook suggest edits feature, you should start by opening a browser and copying the following URL in its address line: https://www.facebook.com/.

what is facebook suggest edits feature

After you have logged in to your account on Facebook, you need to click on the “See More” text button in order to find Facebook suggest edits

  • Once you have done that, you will get to see the main webpage of Facebook. Now, you have to log in to your account. In order to do that, you should make use of the Facebook sign in form that is located at the top. Thus, you should enter your email and password in the fields of that form and click on the “Log in” button.

feature of facebook suggest edits

You can access the page of Facebook suggest edits simply by giving a click here

  • After you have accessed your Facebook account, you should pay attention to the left-side menu. There, you will have to click on the “See More…” text button.

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This is an example of how you will be asked to verify various places: choose whether the information is correct or not

  • Once a greater menu has been opened, you should click on the “Suggest Edits” button.
  • Now, you have just accessed the page of the Facebook suggest edits feature. Right away, you will see a place from Facebook that you should verify. For example, it may ask about its phone number, location, address, ZIP code, or other information.

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Once you have specified whether the information is correct, you have to give a click to this button in order to move further

  • Once you have got to know the right answer, you should click on the “Yes” or “No” button. After selecting the right answer, you should click on the “Next” button.
  • After you have made your first edit, you will see a congratulation from Facebook.

what you can do on facebook

When you will make your first suggest edit, you will see a notification similar to this

  • You can also refuse to answer about the places you don’t about. For that, you should simply click on the “Skip” button, and so another question will appear immediately then. That is how this Facebook suggest edits feature works.

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