Facebook Updates That Have Been Recently Introduced

Facebook is the world´s largest social network that has more than a billion of users, and it should not come as a surprise that it appears to be the third biggest company in the world (by capitalization). During the last half year, the company has introduced a number of Facebook updates, and this article will help you to find out what new has happened to Facebook.


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facebook updates

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One of the most noticeable Facebook updates that have been recently implemented was the feature of smiles, in addition to “likes.” Whereas there had been huge speculations over the implementation of the “dislike” feature, the company decided to go in a different direction and added 5 more smiles to common “likes”: “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad”, and “angry.” You can actually drag your mouse over the “Like” button under a post and you will get to see a list of smiles, out of which you can pick an emotion instead of a standard “like.”

facebook features

Not so long ago, Facebook introduced a variety of smiles in addition to usual likes

Besides, Facebook had also issued a press release, saying that now its feed algorithm has been changed. Over a year ago, the company had changed the way posts and news appear in the field of users: whom you give a look, as the logic goes, you will find that content more relevant for you and so it will be displayed more often in your feed. After the last algorithm update, the role of “likes” has been diminished, whereas smiles signify a better relevance. If you place a “love”, “haha”, “wow”, or “sad” smile, it means that the content is more relevant to you than a simple “like.” If you place an “angry” smile, that means that the content is irrelevant to you (or the one that angers you) and it should not be displayed anymore.

facebook post background

The latest update of Facebook gave an opportunity to the social network’s users to change the background of their posts

Another positive update from Facebook is an introduction of different background colors for posts. Now, you can easily change a background color of your post by simply clicking on “Background Color” when writing a post. After doing so, you will have just to choose a suitable color, which makes this procedure indeed simple. For now, there are just 8 colors available, but more customization features are expected to be implemented.

Facebook Messenger features

The feature of shared days allows you to share notable photos of a day right in the Messenger app

One more feature in the list of new Facebook updates is the feature of “Shared Days” in the Messenger, an Android or iOS app from Facebook. There, you can post a photo and share it with your other friends on Messenger – it will be automatically displayed for each of your friends who use Messenger, as a “featured photo” or a “photo of a day.”

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