Guide to Facebook Android App

There is nothing unusual that the Facebook Android app is incredibly popular, having more than 54 million official (!!) downloads!


Facebook can boast an audience as large as 1.8 billion users, and a large share of them spend their time on the social network with their smartphones.  The number of downloads, by the way, does not include a large number of devices where this app is installed by default, unofficial downloads, those people who use mobile browsers for signing in to Facebook, and people who use devices on the iOS. So if you want to find out how to install and take advantage of this marvelous app, follow the guidelines published below.

facebook android app

Search for the Facebook Android app by entering the keyword “Facebook” and clicking to search

  • At first, you have to go to the Google Market (find the shortcut on the worktable of your smartphone), go to the field of search, enter the word “facebook” in that field, and click on the search button.

facebook app for android

Once you have the app installed, click on the “Open” button

  • Immediately after that, you will see a list of the apps developed by the Facebook Company. However, you should click on the first app – Facebook.
  • After you have clicked on that app, you will appear on the page of the Facebook app. In the right part of the screen, find the “Install” button and click on it. Then, click on the “Agree” button in order to proceed further.

facebook android application

In order to sign in to Facebook with the help of the Facebook Android app, you have to enter your username (email address) and password

  • After a couple of seconds, the app will be downloaded and installed. Find the shortcut on your smartphone’s worktable and give it a click.
  • In a while, the Facebook Android app will be opened on your smartphone. In order to log in to the social network, you have to use your email address and password. Do it and click on the “LOG IN” button.

Guide for facebook on android

This way looks the feed and the main page of the Facebook Android app

  • Right after it, you will get to see the feed of your Facebook account.

At the very top, you will see a search field. There, you can write (similar to the web version) the names of people, companies and so on with the purpose of finding their pages. To the right side from this field, there is a Messenger button for communicating in private messages. The last button on the right allows you to access the list of your contacts (i.e. your Facebook friends).

Below those buttons and the search field, you can see another four buttons. The first button is actually the feed button: by clicking on it, you get back to the feed of your account. The second button displays and allows you to accept friend requests from other users. The third button displays recent notifications, whereas with the help of the fourth button you are able to access your personal profile, settings, your public pages, etc.

If you still don’t have a Facebook account, use these three guides in order to find out how to join and use this social network: guide 1, guide 2, and guide 3.