How to Create Selling Images for Facebook

Facebook is a popular and useful social media tool among many companies, and barely you would find a company that is not present there. Creating top-quality images may quickly pay off in a number of followers, allowing you to grow your audience significantly. Our article will uncover how to create selling images for Facebook without too much effort.


Spotlight Your Product

If you (or your company) are engaged in selling particular products, the first and very simple thing you can do is to show what can you do with this product. Showing your products is the easiest way how you can engage your audience to buy your products. If you are selling makeup brushes, for example, you can show what can be done with them. In a case if you are selling action cameras, you can show photos and videos you have taken with it.

Focus on Brand Recognition

Make sure that you make your pictures stand out among other images on this social network. Brand recognition is crucial here too. You can emphasize your brand by using specific fonts and colors, add particular features to your pictures. This way, your brand will be recognized every time you run a campaign. You should make sure that your pictures feature the same traits during every campaign. Otherwise, your audience will not recognize your brand (at least, immediately).

Add Features Associated with Emotions

This is a simple trick that is frequently used by marketers in order to create selling images for Facebook. You need to find pictures that are associated with emotions in the vast share of your audience. For example, you may feature a phone icon with low battery, which may prompt a wish in many people to plug it immediately in. The trick is quite simple, but works perfectly.

How to Create Selling Images for Facebook

It tends to be not so difficult to create selling images for Facebook

Make Your Images Stand Out

This tends to be a key rule for marketers. Whenever you get to create an image for Facebook, you need to make sure that the colors of that image are in a sharp contrast. That allows you to catch the attention of readers immediately, boosting engagement and conversion. Another trick that may be used by you is applying GIFs or videos to your posts – they can also easily catch the attention of readers, as they move. Also, you can add a flash or some similar effects to your branded pictures, and this will help you stand out as well. Boring images that don’t stand out are lost somewhere in the feed.

Don’t Show a Picture, Tell a Story

Your image shouldn’t be just a picture that bears no meaning. You should create a picture that will tell a story to your core audience. That image must show how your product may affect the lives of your audience. That’s a tough task to do, yet the results are worth it. You can also use carousel ads if you are going to run a campaign.

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