How to Enable Facebook Nearby Friends Feature

Facebook has expanded quite a lot and added a large number of useful features in the recent years. One of such features is the nearby friends feature, which actually allows you to see where your friends are located in the real time. That makes it easier to meet up with someone if you are near. One way or another, but this step-by-step guide teaches you how to enable Facebook nearby friends feature. That means that, if you do this, your friends will also know where you are located.


How to Enable Facebook Nearby Friends Feature

Before you will get an opportunity to enable Facebook nearby friends feature, you need to access the app on your smartphone first

  • Start the entire process simply by launching the Facebook application on your smartphone. For that, you need just to find the icon of this application and tap on it.

how to turn on facebook nearby friends feature

After accessing this section, you need to scroll down a bit and find the “Nearby Friends” section

  • After you have successfully launched the app of Facebook, you need to go to the page of settings of your Facebook account. For that, you should tap on the three-lined button at the top (located on the right, next to the bell (notifications button). Do it.

how to take advantage of facebook nearby friends feature

Now you need to access this section in order to enable Facebook nearby friends feature

  • Once you have done that, scroll down until you will find the “nearby friends” section.
  • After finding that menu option (it is placed between WhatsApp and Nearby Places), you need to tap on it right away.

how to use facebook nearby friends feature

Once you have clicked on this button, that will imply that your friends will get to see where are you located at this time

  • Now, you have just accessed the page where you can enable Facebook nearby friends feature. In order to do it, you need to click on the blue “TURN ON LOCATION SERVICES” button. Do it.

what is facebook nearby friends feature

You can enable Facebook nearby friends feature by allowing the app to track your location

  • Right after it, you will get to see the page of your smartphone’s settings. There, you need to enable the service of tracking your location and provide Facebook with the access to it (on the provided screenshots, there was needed only to tap on the first button).

how to disable facebook nearby friends feature

Now, you can observe not only your friends somewhere around you, but even those who live remotely or just somewhere on their vacations

  • Once that has been done, your friends will immediately see where you are located right now. On the following page, you will also get to see all the locations of your friends – not only those who live in your city or country, but even those people who live in other countries or simply travelling! This way, you can better stay in touch with them.

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