How to Find Jobs on Facebook

Previously, we have reported (read here) that Facebook has taken on LinkedIn and implemented a couple of services that aimed to rival that company of Microsoft. Even though Facebook is far lagging behind LinkedIn, it tends to be the world’s largest network with a massive audience. It has introduced the “Find Jobs” feature, which has helped many people find jobs or fulfil vacancies. In this article, you will get to know about how to find jobs on Facebook with the help of your application.


How to Find Jobs on Facebook

Facebook has also added a feature of posting vacancies, and you can easily learn how to find jobs on Facebook

  • First of all, you need to spot the icon of the Facebook app on your smartphone and tap on it.

how to look for jobs on facebook

This way looks the page of the Facebook app’s settings, and you need to scroll down in order to find out how to find jobs on Facebook

  • Once you have launched the application of Facebook, you will get to see your feed immediately. However, you need to tap on the button located right below the icon of the messenger on the right side.

how to seek jobs on facebook

Once you give a click here, you will access the section where you will be able to browse vacancies

  • After accessing the page of the app’s settings, you need to scroll down until you will find the “Find Jobs” section with a green icon. Give it a click.

how to search jobs on facebook

As you can see, you need to specify your location and distance

  • The page that you have just accessed is the place where you can find job vacancies and/or job applications. First of all, click on the city that is specified there if it’s wrong.

how to find vacancies on facebook

Here, you need to specify the city where you are looking for a vacancy

  • On the next page, type a city where you want to find a job in the search field at the top.

how to look for vacancies on facebook

After applying the settings of how far a job can be, you need to click on the “APPLY” button

  • Once you have done it, you will notice that it appeared on the map. Below the map, there will be a button that allows you to specify the radius. Drag it to the right in order to increase it or vice versa.

how to seek vacancies on facebook

Now, you can also specify a job in which industry you want

  • Once you have configured everything, click on “APPLY.”

how to search vacancies on facebook

After selecting an industry where you want to find a job, click on this button

  • You have got to see the job vacancies in that city now. You can also specify an industry. Click on “INDUSTRY.”

facebook vacancies feature

As you can see, Facebook’s feature hasn’t become so popular yet

  • There, select an industry where you want to find a job. Click on the “CONFIRM” button.
  • Now, the results have been narrowed.

facebook jobs feature

Here, you can browse the jobs according to the titles, names, and posts

  • You can also use the search field at the top in order to type a job position you are seeking. Don’t forget to filter the results after it.