How to Find Sport Information on Facebook

Facebook is a truly global service and app, which has introduced a variety of extremely useful features. Many fans of sports tend to adore the “Sports” feature on Facebook, as it allows them to cheer for their teams, make forecasts, and track the results. This makes it very easy to track the progress of your favorite teams if you experience a serious lack of time to watch it elsewhere. This guide will demonstrate you how to find sport information on Facebook and how to take advantage of this Facebook “Sports” feature.


How to Find Sport Information on Facebook

If you click on this app icon, you will be able to find sport information on Facebook with ease

  • You can begin the entire process by launching the Facebook app on your smartphone.

how to look for sport information on facebook

You can access the page of Facebook’s sport information by going to the page of the app’s settings

  • Right after doing it, you will get to see the Facebook feed of yours. However, you need to click on the “Settings” button that is located right below the “Messenger” app.

how to seek sport information on facebook

Click here in order to access the sports page on Facebook

  • After you have accessed the page of your Facebook app’s settings, you need to scroll down till the moment when you will stumble upon the “Sports” section (it is placed in the upper part of the page, however). Click on it.

how to search sport information on facebook

As you can see, you can actually get to know the results of many games of various types of sports

  • Once you have accessed the page of sports on Facebook, you can see the recent results or oncoming games of the teams followed and liked by you. Below, you will see live games that are taking place right now.

how to find sport results on facebook

The number of leagues and sports available here is astonishing

  • You can scroll down on that page and browse a far greater variety of leagues of various games.

how to look for sport results on facebook

Here, you can even track the progress of the teams liked by you and even vote on who will win the next game

  • If you click on the oncoming game of your team, you will be asked to make a forecast of who will win.

how to seek sport results on facebook

You can add more teams to follow by clicking on this button of settings

  • You can also add other teams to the ones that you follow. For that, you should click on the “Settings” button, placed in the right-upper corner.

how to search sport results on facebook

Choose a team from which league you want to follow

  • Then, you should select a league where you want to browse a team for adding.

facebook sport results feature

Once you have selected a team, you should select it by clicking here

  • Once you have accessed the page of a league, browse it and select a team that you prefer.

facebook sport information feature

Now, you can see that a new team has been added to the list of the followed and liked ones

  • Then, you need just to get back to the previous page and refresh it. That’s it. You will notice that you are following a new team now.

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