How to Update Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger tends to be among the world’s most popular messengers, whereas it can boast to have an audience as large as more than 1 billion users – almost all the people who use Facebook tend to install this messenger. Yet, you need to update Facebook messenger from time to time, whereas updating an app allows you to ensure that some bugs have been fixed. Besides, updates also frequently imply a better functionality of the app, and that is the reason why you should always update your app. This guide will focus on how you can update Facebook messenger with ease.


how to update facebook messenger

If you wish to update Facebook messenger, you have to access Google Play or Apple store in the first place

  • Before you will be able to update this mobile application, you should launch either Apple Store or Google Play (depending on your smartphone) in order to proceed further.

how to update messenger on facebook

You need to type the name of the app in the search field at the top and click on it as soon as the app will be found

  • After you have launched that application, you should type the word “Messenger” in the search box that you can find at the top.

facebook messenger updates

As you can see, you can click on the specified green button and update Facebook messenger of yours

  • Among the search results that you have got, you should find the Facebook Messenger app and click on it.

updating facebook messenger

The process of your Facebook messenger update has started

  • After you have accessed the page of the Facebook Messenger app, you will get to know whether there are any new updates for this particular application. If there is the “Update” button available, you should definitely click on that button in order to start updating the application.

ways to update facebook messenger

The update has been downloaded onto your smartphone and is undergoing the installation process

  • Following it, you will immediately get to see that the process of the app updating has just started.
  • After the update has been downloaded (it may take some time), you will notice that the app is installing the newly downloaded update.
  • Within a couple of moments, you will notice that the green “Open” button has just appeared on that page again. At this point, however, you can click on that button in order to launch this mobile app.

why to update facebook messenger

As you can see, you have succeeded to update Facebook messenger – now you can access the newly updated app

  • As you will notice, you have succeeded to update your Facebook Messenger, and that had not taken not take even a couple of minutes of your time. Now, you can enjoy this mobile app with fewer bugs and a richer functionality.

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