How to Use GIF Images on Facebook

Quite a while ago, Facebook has concluded an agreement with Giphy, a GIF image sharing service. After it, all Facebook users could easily use GIF images from that service in their posts and comments to the posts. It makes it fairly easy to communicate with GIF images, and this guide will show you how to use GIF images on Facebook step by step. Considering that the library of GIF images at Giphy is quite huge, it doesn’t appear to be a surprise that this feature is really beloved by many users of Facebook.


How to Use GIF Images on Facebook

Start the entire process by accessing your account on this social network, and you will easily learn how to use GIF images on Facebook

  • In order to learn how to use GIF images on Facebook, you should begin by launching your browser and accessing the following URL:

how to use facebook gif images

If you want to attach a GIF image to the post, you need to click on this feature under the post field

  • Once you have accessed the main webpage of Facebook, you will have to complete the Facebook sign in procedure. In order to do that, you should use a sign in form located at the top. In that form, you need to enter your email address and password in both fields. At the end, you should click on the “Log in” button.
  • Once you have accessed your account on Facebook, you should get to the top of your feed. Under the posting box (where you can write a post), you will notice various features like tagging, adding photos and videos, etc. There is a feature “GIF,” and you can click on that feature right away.

gif pictures on facebook

This way looks a window with trending GIF images – you can search them by typing keywords in the given field

  • You will notice that a pop-up window with a couple of GIFs has been opened. If you click on a particular GIF image, it will immediately be added to the post. You can browse GIF images by typing keywords in the given search box instead of utilizing the trending GIFs.

facebook gif pictures

You can also use GIF images on Facebook for posting under comments, as you can click on this icon in order to browse them

  • Now, let’s try to use GIF images in the comments under posts. Find a post where you want to comment. To the right side of the comment form, you will see four buttons: smile, photo, GIF, and stickers. In order to add a GIF image to the comment, you should click on the third button.

gif animations on facebook

Same as in the case with GIF images under posts, you will be able to see and browse them in such a window

  • Then, the same pop-up window as it was under the post will appear. In a pretty same way, you can use the trending GIF images or browse the library by typing keywords. So, this way easy you can use GIF images on Facebook.

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