Improve Your Facebook Account Safety

In order to avoid the fate of being hacked or having an own account stolen, you should get your Facebook account safety settings configured properly since the very beginning of using this social network.


It is definitely a pity when someone’s account on Facebook gets hacked, since it brings woes and headache not only to the owner of that account but also to his Facebook friends. We can gladly help you in doing so, and all that is left to do for you is just to follow the step-by-step guide, presented below. Enjoy!

facebook account safety

Sign in to the world’s largest social network

facebook safety

Click on this button in order to open the menu of settings

  • Once you have accessed Facebook’s website, enter your email address and password in the sign in form placed at the top and sign in to the social network.
  • Immediately after it, find the button of settings in the right-upper corner and give a click to it.
  • You will see a pop-up menu, and there you should select “Settings.”

safety on facebook

In order to enhance the Facebook account safety of yours, click here

  • Once you have done that action, you appear on the page of the settings of your Facebook account. By the way, you can also enhance the security of your account on the page of general settings as well: right there, you can change the password of your account. Once you have done so (or haven’t done, if you think that there’s no need to change the password), go to the security section.

facebook security

Even though you will have to go to the security section, you can start with the page of general account settings by changing your password

  • In the security section, you will get to see 10 settings, which you can change by clicking on “Edit.” Here is the information about those settings:

facebook account security

There are quite many options that you can apply to the Facebook account safety settings

Login Alerts. By default, this feature is switched off. If you turn it on, you will receive notifications when someone attempts to sign in to your account with a device that is not recognized.

Login Approvals. By turning this feature on, you will have to enter the verification code which you will receive onto the mobile phone each time you sign in to Facebook. Simply put, this is a Facebook version of 2-step verification.

Code Generator. You can use this generator in order to get the security codes for login approvals (though, the mobile number is a far better way).

App Passwords. You are able to generate separate passwords for the apps you are using, instead of using the Facebook password.

Public Key. In this field, you are able to arrange the encryption of your data, so the chances of getting hacked will be lower.

Your Trusted Contacts. You can choose the people you trust and they will help you if you’ll lose the control over your account.

Recognized Devices. Here, you can register the devices and browsers you use often and so they will be in a “safe zone.”

Where You’re Logged In. This field shows where you are currently logged in, i.e. the location, browser, etc.

Legacy Contact. You can also choose a person, who will inherit your account, in case of your death or any other accident.

Deactivate Your Account. Use this field in order to cease existing on Facebook.

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