List of Best Android Apps from Facebook

Among Android apps from Facebook, one may find both entertainment apps as well as the application created for internet marketers and web analysts.


Facebook, along with Google, are actually the leaders of the market, considering that the both companies have released a large number of worthy and even quite remarkable Android applications. . You can find out more about the Android apps from Facebook in the article, published below.

Get to Use Facebook in Any Place of the World

best android apps from facebook

Facebook Lite is a version of the company´s main Android app, yet with a much smaller size and less connection-demanding

The Facebook Lite app has been created with one single purpose: make the interface of Facebook the way that it will consume less internet traffic, so the users would be able to access this social network no matter where they are located. An additional advantage of this app is that it requires not so much storage of your smartphone.

An Easy Way of Messaging

Facebook messenger

Messenger is one of the most popular Android apps from Faceboook, giving you an opportunity to communicate comfortably in pm

The only function of the Messenger is to make your communication with friends via Facebook primate messages easier and more comfortable. By launching this app, you can see conversations with your friends. All you have to do is just to open the conversation you need and start messaging! Moreover, you get immediate notifications about incoming messages, as well as you get to see a conversation shortcut on your phone’s screen.

Managing FB Public Pages Made Easy

Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager is one of the Android apps from Facebook, created primarily for the owners of small businesses, internet marketers, etc.

This app allows you to manage the public pages you have access to the way you are able to do it with a PC or laptop. All in all, the goal of this app was to make the management of Facebook pages with the use of smartphones as easy as with the PC. Here you get to see such information like trends, increase in likes and followers, possibility to answer private messages, make posts, and so on.

A Great Way to Organize an Event

facebook groups

Facebook Groups allows you to create groups with your FB-friends easily and quickly

Are you planning to organize a party or going to a cinema with a group of people? Facebook Groups are an amazing app that will help you to stay in touch with all the people and discuss all important matters.

Stay in Touch with Your Colleagues

Work Facebook

This app is a great solution when you need to work in a team with your colleagues while staying remote

Similar to the Facebook Groups app, the Workplace by Facebook app allows you to create and realize projects online. So, indeed, this app can boast a way better functionality than the one above.

Managing Your Ads

facebook app for android

A perfect app for managing the advertisement of your pages, if you run any ad campaigns

Manage your ads easily with the Facebook Ads Manager. Now, you can run your ad campaigns more effectively with the help of this app. Just install it and enjoy all of its features.

Share the Photos with Others

facebook moments

A perfect app for managing the advertisement of your pages, if you run any ad campaigns

The Moments app allows you share your photos with your friends, relatives, and other people. Just upload the photos and give access to your files to particular people, and all of you are able to post comments out there.

Selfied for Messenger

Facebook selfied

With the help of this app, you are able to create emotions with your photo for any your mood

This app is created, indeed, for creative people. If you want to use your photos as emoticons in the Messenger, install this app and create a basic set of emotions of yours!

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