How to Manage Facebook Payment Settings

Facebook is a place where millions and millions of people communicate every day, and this creates huge opportunities for marketers all over the world. In order to popularize a group or a page, many marketers resort to purchasing ads on Facebook. However, you may face certain problems if you are new to this network. This step-by-step guide will show you how to manage Facebook payment settings, allowing you to start purchasing ads on Facebook within a couple of minutes.


How to Manage Facebook Payment Settings

In order to manage Facebook payment settings, you should log in first

  • The first step of yours must be going to the official website of Facebook, which appears to be the following one:

facebook payment

The second step implies accessing the page of “Settings” by selecting this menu item

  • At the top of the front page of Facebook, you will see a form for signing in. Enter there your email (or phone number), password, and click on the “Log In” button (you can get to know how to log in to Facebook on this page).

payments on facebook

You need to access this section of your Facebook account settings

  • Right after doing so, you have to open the page of settings. For doing so, click on the button of “Settings” (in a form of a pointer), located at the top. This way, you will open a pop-up menu, where you have to select “Settings” once again.

add facebook payment method

Here, you can learn more about the settings of Facebook payments

  • On the left of the newly opened page, you will get to see a menu of the settings. There, you need to go to “Payments.”

how to pay for facebook ads

By giving a click to this text button, you can add a payment method to your Facebook account

  • Once you have done it, you will access the page where you can manage your payments on Facebook. It actually consists of three parts: payment history, account settings, and ads billing. The payment history page allows you to view your past transaction. Yet, you have to click on “Account Settings” at the top.

facebook and payments

Provide the details of your credit/debit card in order to add a method of payment

  • On that page, you can change your email address, change a currency of payments, or add payment methods. In order to add a payment method, click on the respective text button.

configure facebook payment settings

In order to manage Facebook payment settings and ads, click on this section

  • Then, enter your credentials in a new window, such as the card number, the expiration date, security code, billing zip code, and country. After doing so and checking whether you have entered everything correctly, click on the “Save” button.

facebook pay

This page allows you both to manage your billing (payments) and deal with ads you are purchasing (or have purchased)

  • After that, payments on Facebook will be deducted from that credit/debit card.
  • If you want to purchase ads or manage the existing ads you are running, you should access the “Ads Billing” page.