How to Manage Your Facebook Preferences

Basically, such a social network as Facebook provides its users with a variety of customization features… But hey, did you know that you can actually manage what will be displayed in your feed? There is nothing difficult in doing so, as you can easily take advantage of the feature of Facebook preferences. This guide will show you how to deal with this kind of issues. Enjoy!


facebook preferencesFirst of all, you ought to sign in to the social network of Facebook

  • The first step you should make is going to Facebook’s website:
  • On that website, you need to find the sign in form at the top. There, enter your email address as well as a password and click on “Log in.”

facebook feed

By clicking on this option, you can easily manage your preferences, i.e. what you get to see in the feed

  • Then, you need to open the menu of “Your Pages.” You can do it by clicking on the button in a form of an arrow pointing down (look at the second screenshot).

manage your feed on facebook

First, you should select the posts of what people and what pages you want to see

  • By doing so, you will prompt a pop-up menu. In the lower part of that menu, you will find “News Feed Preferences” line.” Select it.

preferences on facebook

If you want not to see posts of some people or pages in your feed, you can specify them here

  • Then, you will get to see the page of Facebook preferences. There are actually 5 sections on the page of Facebook preferences, and the first ones are the most important ones as well. Select “Prioritize who to see first.”
  • There, you can select people or pages whom/that you will get to see first. After selecting a person or a page, you will see that a kind of a blue star appeared over it. Once you have finished with picking people and pages whom you want to see first, click on “Done.”

facebook unfollow

With the help of this section, you can get back in touch with the people/pages you had once unfollowed

  • Go to “Unfollow people to hide their posts.” Here, you can basically select people and pages whose posts will not be displayed in your feed, and those people will not know about it. Click on “Done” at the end.

facebook settings

Barely you can find here a lot of useful pages for you, but, according to Facebook’s claims, the pages here match your interests

  • Go to “Reconnect with people you unfollowed.” This section shows the pages and people (former friends) whom you have unfollowed, and here you can get connected again. Just click on a certain page or a person and you will get to follow the page or that person again. Click on “Done” after having done with this section.

manage your facebook account

You can hide or unhide any apps from your feed

  • Go to “Discover Pages that match your interests.” Basically, it is not that most useful section, whereas it just shows the pages that you might like. At the end, click on “Done.”
  • And the last section is “See more options.” There, you can actually see what apps you have hidden from your Facebook feed and you are able to “unhide” them there. At the end, click on “Done.”