How to Manage Facebook Video Settings

Facebook is a social network that is currently trying to get a share of the video market, which has been dominated by YouTube, a product of Google, for quite a long period of time. More and more videos start to appear in Facebook, and the role of the video content on Facebook is growing every day. In order to avoid facing numerous issues and discomfort when browsing Facebook, you should learn how to manage Facebook video settings. Our simple and step-by-step guide will help you in doing so. Enjoy!


How to Manage Facebook Video Settings

You can get to manage Facebook video settings after logging in to your account on this social network

facebook videos

Here, you can access the page where you can manage Facebook video settings

  • After doing so, you will get the page of Facebook opened in your browser. Once you have spotted the sign in form at the top, you should enter there your email (or phone number) along with the password and click on “Log In” – you can read in details about how to log in here.

videos on facebook

In order to start configuring your Facebook video settings, you need to go to this section of the account settings

  • Once you have logged in your account on Facebook, you should open the page of settings. In order to do so, find the “Settings” button at the top of the page in a form of a pointer and give it a click. In the dropdown menu, you have to select “Settings” as well.

quality of videos on facebook

You are able to specify the quality of video that gets displayed by default

  • On the page of the settings, you will get to see a menu with different sections of the settings on the left side. At the bottom of that menu, there will be the “Video” section. Click on it.

configuring facebook video settings

You are able to turn on captions for all the videos on Facebook

  • Once the page of the Video settings got opened in your browser, you are able to adjust your video settings. Actually, there are very few (but very important) settings to adjust:

Video Default Quality. There are three options you are able to opt out of: default, SD only, and HD if available. If the traffic is precious for you, we suggest you to fall for “SD only,” which means that the videos will be of a much lower quality. If you want the videos on Facebook to be immediately displayed in the best quality, choose “HD if available.” The third option leaves it up to the publisher of the video.

Always Show Captions. Here, you can choose whether you want the subtitles to be displayed.

Captions Delay. In this part, you can adjust how the subtitles will look if you turned on them previously (see above). The settings include the color of the background, the background opacity, text color, and text size. However, the standard settings are pretty okay.

facebook and videos

This box allows you to adjust how the captions in all Facebook videos will appear for you

  • At the end, click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.