Managing Facebook Apps and Ads Settings

Even though it may seem insignificant – especially in comparison to the security and privacy settings – to configure your Facebook apps and ads settings, the things are not as simple as they may seem at first sight.


By changing the apps settings, you are able to ensure your privacy – the apps typically have access to the most of your data, unless you prohibited them to access that information. At the same time, configuring the ads settings may result in displaying more relevant and worthy content. So if you are able to spend some minutes of your time on this matter, keep reading the guide below.

facebook apps and ads settings

You are able to sign in to Facebook by entering your email and password here as well as clicking on “Log in”

facebook apps settings

You have to go to the menu of settings by giving a click to this button

  • Once you have got to see the feed page of your Facebook account, find the button of settings. It must be located in the right-upper part of your page (have a look at the screenshot). Click on it.
  • Then, you will get to see a pop-up menu, where you have to click on “Settings.”

facebook ads settings

Select this option in order to proceed further

  • After all, you will access the page of general settings of your Facebook account. On the left, there will be a list of categories of the settings. Go to the apps settings at first.

facebook settings

In order to apply new Facebook apps and ads settings, you need to go to these categories of settings

  • On the page of apps settings, there will be essentially 4 things to manage. The first field shows you the list of apps where you are logged in. On the provided image, there is only app – Instagram. You can click on the app and prevent it from getting the information about you. Also, you can opt it not to be displayed to other users (i.e. it is going about the fact that you are using this app). In the “Apps, Websites and Plugins” field, you can disable or enable using all of those at all. In the “Apps Others Use” field, you can opt what information about you will be displayed to your friends in the apps that both of you are using (there is a lot of information you can prevent from spreading). The last option is also important for privacy: opt the “Only Me” option.

settings of facebook

This way looks the page of Facebook apps settings

  • Go to the category of ads settings, then. There are also four fields. The first one allows you to turn off “interest-based ads” displayed to you, i.e. based on the websites you have visited. The second field is about the same matter, but on the apps and websites beyond Facebook. The “Ads with my social actions” field allows you to restrict your friends of seeing that you have liked a paid ad. By browsing the settings in the last field, you are able to make the apps displayed to you more relevant – there, you need to specify your interests.

configuring facebook settings

The appearance of the Facebook ads settings page is similar to this

If you still haven’t joined Facebook, do it with the help of our guides: 1 and 2.