New Facebook Algorithm Aims to Combat Bait Posts

Over the years, many of Facebook users complained about their news feed getting stuffed with clickbait posts, which tended to gather massive amounts of likes and comments, but delivered low value. Yet, that has caused a real crackdown on such posts, as the new Facebook algorithm aims to remove such posts from the feeds of users at all. On the other hand, Facebook has also increased the share of friends’ posts to be seen in the news feeds of users, diminishing the perfect of the companies’ pages up to just 2%. That has prompted a genuine uproar among the companies that invested millions of dollars in promoting themselves on Facebook.


In a blog post, the management of the company claimed that it took harsher measures against bait posts. In particular, Facebook defines clickbait posts as any posts that aim to boost engagement artificially. The company has given a particular example of such posts: “Like this post if you a fan of Arsenal FC.” In order to create a new Facebook algorithm, the company had to amass and analyze thousands of posts.

New Facebook Algorithm Aims to Combat Bait Posts

After the new Facebook algorithm will be rolled out, these kinds of posts will turn out to be not as effective as before

Many users hope that clickbait posts will not appear in their news feeds often after this update of the feed algorithm. Moreover, Facebook aims to implement harsher policies against those pages and companies that are frequently caught with publishing such posts. All these new rules and policies will be implemented within the next two weeks, and so the companies should keep them in mind when publishing posts on their pages. Pages that previously used such tactics intensively will see how the engagement of the users will be declining.

However, the company also explained that it doesn’t view all posts as clickbait posts. For example, they excluded such posts like asking for shares about a missing kid or donations from this list. Therefore, such posts will not be affected by the new policy. Even though there are doubts about whether the Facebook robot is capable of recognizing such posts in order not to filter them out, the company claims that its machine-learning is good enough to recognize the posts with “authentic engagement” (as the company calls such posts).

Facebook also infuriated many companies with the its new algorithm, as it decided to drop the share of posts from public pages and companies displayed in the news feed up to 2%. That has led to a drop of Facebook shares down 4% during one trading day. One thing is known for sure: many companies are seeking new platforms for staying in touch with their customers.

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