Facebook Updates That Have Been Recently Introduced

Facebook is the world´s largest social network that has more than a billion of users, and it should not come as a surprise that it appears to be the third biggest company in the world (by capitalization). During the last half year, the company has introduced a number of Facebook updates, and this article will … Read more

New Facebook Algorithm Aims to Combat Bait Posts

Over the years, many of Facebook users complained about their news feed getting stuffed with clickbait posts, which tended to gather massive amounts of likes and comments, but delivered low value. Yet, that has caused a real crackdown on such posts, as the new Facebook algorithm aims to remove such posts from the feeds of … Read more

How to Find Jobs on Facebook

Previously, we have reported (read here) that Facebook has taken on LinkedIn and implemented a couple of services that aimed to rival that company of Microsoft. Even though Facebook is far lagging behind LinkedIn, it tends to be the world’s largest network with a massive audience. It has introduced the “Find Jobs” feature, which has … Read more

Useful Facebook Features You Didn’t Know About

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is used by a vast number of users, yet many of them don’t take advantage of a large number of useful features available on it. Our article contains the most useful Facebook features that you might not have used. Yet, taking advantage of these features allows you to optimize … Read more