How to Browse Events on Facebook

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, can boast to have a lot of useful local features. One of such features that you can find in the Android or iOS app of Facebook is called “Events,” and it allows you to find information about the events that take place around you. This way, you can easily … Read more

New Facebook Recruiting Feature Is Aimed to Rival LinkedIn

On 7th November, Facebook made a statement that it was testing a feature of Facebook recruiting, which would give the administrators of pages the rights to post job offers and receive CVs and resumes from those interested ones. Competition in the tech sphere is getting more and more truculent, since the Facebook’s announcement about launching … Read more

How to Manage Your Facebook Preferences

Basically, such a social network as Facebook provides its users with a variety of customization features… But hey, did you know that you can actually manage what will be displayed in your feed? There is nothing difficult in doing so, as you can easily take advantage of the feature of Facebook preferences. This guide will … Read more

Facebook Announced a Vast Revamp of the Facebook News Feed

The rollout of the new Facebook algorithm and how it changed the Facebook news feed are clear: we will read less news on Facebook, we will watch fewer videos, and we will see fewer ads. At least, the theory of this massive revamp goes so. As the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, claimed, Facebook is … Read more

Managing Facebook Apps and Ads Settings

Even though it may seem insignificant – especially in comparison to the security and privacy settings – to configure your Facebook apps and ads settings, the things are not as simple as they may seem at first sight. By changing the apps settings, you are able to ensure your privacy – the apps typically have … Read more