Useful Facebook Features You Didn’t Know About

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is used by a vast number of users, yet many of them don’t take advantage of a large number of useful features available on it. Our article contains the most useful Facebook features that you might not have used. Yet, taking advantage of these features allows you to optimize your account and make it friendlier.


Manage Your Feed

Among the useful Facebook features we should mention, there, of course, must be the feature that allows you to manage your feed. Even though it largely depends on the Facebook algorithms that frequently changed over time, you can still sort out the stories according the relevance or in a chronological order. By default, they are displayed according to the relevance.

Useful Facebook Features You Didn't Know About

As you can see from the image, you need just to click near “News Feed” on the left, select “Most Recent” (if you wish so), and then it will be immediately changed. In order to set as it was by default, you should do the same but click on “Top Stories” instead.

The Most Useful Facebook Features: Download Your Data

If you decide to quit Facebook someday, this social network allows you to download all the massive amounts of data you have ever shared. That’s a very useful feature if you have shared a lot of valuable or important information.

useful features on facebook

In order to download your data, you need to access the page of your account’s general settings. That can be done by clicking on the “Settings” button in the right-upper corner. In the pop-up menu, you should select “Settings.” After all, you will access the page where you should click on the “Download a copy” text button, placed at the bottom. As simple as that.

Saving Interesting Stuff for Later

If you have stumbled upon something interesting but don’t have time now, you can save that post for later. It’s a pretty worthy feature that allows you not to lose something really precious on this social network.

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You can save a post or article you want simply by clicking on the arrow button, located in the right-upper part of the post. There, you should select “Save post.” Then, you can access all the saved materials any time. They can be observed in the “Saved” section, which is located right in the hand menu on the left.

Adjust Your News Feed Preferences

You can also adjust news feed preferences, selecting whose posts you will see first and whose posts must be omitted at all. Thus, you can keep your feed quite clean and comfortable for you.

important facebook features

In order to do it, you should click on the “Settings” button in the right-upper corner. In the pop-up menu you have just prompted, select “News Feed Preferences.” Here, you can adjust all the settings regarding your feed. If you click on “Prioritize who to see first,” for example, you will select whose posts will be selected first in your feed. Such an option as “Discover Pages that match your interests” help you to discover interesting content.

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