How to Recover Your Gmail Password

If you have problems with accessing your Gmail account perhaps you need to recover Gmail password. Since Gmail has a reputation of one of the most secure and reliable provider of internet services, there is no doubt that you will face no difficulties in recovering the password. The guidelines, published below, disclose you how to … Read more

Change Gmail Password

 Change Gmail Password on PC Step by Step: There may frequently be situations when you have to change Gmail password of yours. As this guide of ours will show, Gmail has done its best in order to ensure that this process runs as smooth and easy as possible. At this point of our guide, we … Read more

How to Change Gmail Theme

Gmail is an email service provider that abounds with a variety of customization settings. One of such settings is an ability to set up a Gmail theme you wish. Besides, you are not just able to change Gmail theme, but you can also upload your own photo and apply it as a theme! In this … Read more

How to Control Gmail Content

Google provides you with an opportunity to control Gmail content (as well as the content from other Google services). In this article, we will show you how to do it in a quite easy way, allowing you to ensure that your important content won’t disappear on the web. Begin adjusting your settings with logging in … Read more

How to Edit Virtual Gmail Keyboard

Gmail is an email service provider that has a feature of the virtual Gmail keyboard. This way, you can keep typing a letter on Gmail even if you currently don’t have a keyboard on your PC or laptop. By default, Gmail places only English keyboards. But what if you need to add some other keyboards … Read more