How to Сhange Your Gmail Password

Gmail is one of the most secure and, therefore, popular email service providers. Considering that the Alphabet (the name of the company that owns Google, Gmail, and other affiliated services) offers a large variety of useful services to its users, it does not come as a surprise that Gmail accounts appear to be so popular. So if you have a need to change Gmail password, follow the guidelines that are published below.


Change Gmail Password Step-by-Step:


Gmail password

On the main webpage of Google, click on the blue “Sign in” button

Change gmail password

Pick the account where you want to change Gmail Password

  • Second Step. In the right-upper corner, there is a blue “Sign in” button. Give it a click.

Change your gmail password

Type your Gmail password in order to get logged in

  • Third Step. Then, you will be asked to choose the account under the name of which you want to access the service. Just click on the respective account.

Gmail password change

After appearing on the Google’s main page once again, click on your profile image

  • Fourth Step. On the next page, you will be asked to enter the password from this account. Type the password in the field and click on “Sign in.”

Gmail password create

Then, you need to go to the settings of your account

  • Fifth Step. Now, you get to see the main page of Google again, but this time you are logged in. Click on the image of your profile (which is displayed as the first letter of your name, if you do not have an image) and there will be opened a pop-up window. In that window, click on “My Account”.

create a new gmail password

Among plenty of various settings, click on “Your personal info”

  • Sixth Step. You will appear on the page of settings of your Gmail account. In the middle, there will be displayed the section of personal info & privacy. Click on “Your personal info”, which has to be first in this section.

create new password gmail

After scrolling down till the bottom, click on this text button

  • Seventh Step. On the page of the personal info settings, scroll down until the very bottom. There, you will find a pointer next the text “Check your security settings.¨ Click on it.

set up a new gmail password

Change your password in the security section

  • Eighth Step. Now, you will get to see the page of security settings. On the right, the first field will be the field of password. There will be also shown the date when the password was changed last time. Click on that field.

set up new password gmail

You will be asked to enter the password once again

  • Ninth Step. You will be asked to enter the current Gmail password again. Do it and click on “Sign in.”

gmail password creation

Click on the blue “Change password” button in order to get a new Gmail password

  • Tenth Step. On the next page, you will be able to set up a new password. All you have to do is to compose a password, enter it in those two fields, and click on “Change password.” After it, the procedure is completed. Use the new password for logging in to Gmail.