How to Adjust Google Ads Settings

Products from Google, the parent company of Gmail, are everywhere, and it’s impossible to avoid using them. The share of more than 90% of the ad market on the web belongs to Google. In this simple guide, we will show you how to adjust Google ads settings of your account and get displayed what you want.


How to Adjust Google Ads Settings

In order to adjust Google ads settings, you should log in to your Gmail account

  • Start adjusting your settings by opening your browser and going to the following website:

google ads

Select your account and proceed further

  • On that page, click on the “Sign in” button. After that, you will have to complete the Gmail sign in procedure.

gmail ads

After entering the password, click on the “Next” button

  • Choose your account or (if there is no account displayed) enter your email address. Click on “Next.”

gmail content

In order to access your Gmail inbox, click on this text button

  • Enter your password and click on “Next.”

google content

After clicking on the button of settings, select “Settings” in the pop-up menu

  • After getting redirected to the main page of Google, you should click on the “Gmail” text button at the top.

ads on google

In order to adjust which ads in Google are displayed, you should click here

  • On the right side of the screen, you should find the “Settings” button in a form of a cogwheel and click on it. Then, select “Settings” in the dropdown menu.

ads on gmail

This is the page of your Google account

  • Once you have opened a page of settings, you need to select “Accounts and Import” at the top.

content on google

You are able to adjust Google ads settings by clicking on this text button

  • On the next page, click on the “Other Google Account settings” text button.

content on gmail

Give a click to this text button for configuring your Google ads settings

  • You will be redirected to the page of your Gmail account’s settings. There, you need to scroll down a bit and click on “Ads Settings” under “Personal info & privacy.”

advertising on google

This appears to be a page that allows you to adjust your Google ads settings

  • Then, find the “MANAGE ADS SETTINGS” text button on the next page and give it a click.

advertising on gmail

In order to add a preference of advertising, click on this button

  • Then, you will get to see the page of ads personalization. You can turn it off by dragging the button to the left near “Ads Personalization.”
  • If you didn’t turn the ads personalization feature off, you can stop providing the information about your browsing history to Google, which will make use of it for personalizing the ads. You just need to uncheck the box near “Also use Google Account activity…”

gmail advertising

Enter the keyword, select the topic, and click on “ADD”

  • At the bottom, you are able to adjust your profile settings, such as age and gender – that will make the ads to be better targeted.
  • After all, you can add select the topic you like and the topics you don’t like in order to adjust Google ads settings. Just click on “New Topic” under “TOPICS YOU LIKE” or “TOPICS YOU DON’T LIKE.”

google advertising

Now, a new topic is added

  • In the following window, enter the keyword: for example, “travel.” You may see several topics associated with that keyword.
  • Choose the topics that suits you the most and click on “Add.”
  • Move this way on till the point until all the topics that interest and don’t interest you are specified.