Best Android Apps from Google



Google, as the company that has created the Android operating system, is one of the leader in bringing new apps to its Google Market, indeed. So in this article, we will try to disclose the most important features of the best Android apps from Google.

Best android apps from Google

The list of Android apps from Google is fairly impressive

Get the Most Popular Browser Onto Your Smartphone

best android apps

Google Browser is not popular solely on smartphones, but it is also one of the most used PC browsers as well

Google Chrome is known as one of the most popular browsers, and Google couldn’t lag behind and brought this amazing app into its Android operating system. Indeed, the app can boast the same minimalistic design, user-friendly interface, though it consumes quite a large share of the storage. But in any case, this app leads in the race of mobile browsers.

A Keyboard for Your Mobile Device

Google Android apps

Among Android apps from Google, there is even such one as a keyboard for mobile devices

Google has developed a pretty decent keyboard for mobile devices, given that the app can boast such features like gesture and voice typing, suggestions for word completion,  and various emoji. After all, you are able to turn the one-handed mode on, which makes the typing process much easier. Though, you can test whether the app suits you only by trying it out.

Google Drive and Free Space for You

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Google Drive is a great cloud service for storing your files

After signing up for Google Drive, you get 15 GB of free storage space on your cloud. Even though Google Drive doesn’t differ significantly from Dropbox or MEGA, it is typically synchronized with other services of Google, namely Gmail, which makes sending letters with files a much easier job.

Store Your Photos on the Cloud

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Google Photos is another application in the list of Android apps from Google that is popular among a large number of users

Another great application in the list of the best Android apps from Google. After signing up for this up, you are able to move your photos to the cloud (15 GB for free), store them there and share with your friends anytime. So, Google has made storing and sharing photos with your friends as easy as no other company has done.

Getting Your Translation Done

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Google Translator, perhaps, does need anyone’s description

Google Translator has become a notorious phrase, meaning typically a bad translation. However, sometimes you cannot do without Google Translator, and having this app on your smartphone will not be in vain for sure.

Google+, Facebook’s Underestimated Rival

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This is an Android application to Google’s quite renowned social network

For years, Google has struggled to beat Facebook with its Google+ social network, yet has never succeeded. However, many people have joined this network, and you can easily become another user who joined the network by installing this app and getting registered out there.

Verbalizing Text Translations

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With this application, Google has attempted to revolutionize communication across the globe

Even though the idea behind the Google Text-to-speech app is great, still the translation there is very inaccurate, similar to the one in the Google Translator app. Yet, sometimes this app may save the situation, especially when you are visiting another country.

Noting Important Ideas and Thoughts

google applications on android

Google Keep is an amazing app for notes, which offers many more features than similar products from other companies

Among all the Android apps from Google, one of the most prominent and underestimated apps is Google Keep. It allows you take notes and save them in any format you want: a drawing, text, image, video, or a record. At the same time, the app is very easy-to-use and quite elegantly designed.

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