Best Tips For Using Gmail Account Effectively

If you have just joined Gmail – in particular, with the help of our Gmail Sign In, Gmail Sign Up, and Create New Account Gmail guides – you may need some assistance about how to use your Gmail account effectively.


Gmail is the world’s largest email service provider, and there are various features and opportunities you can take advantage of. Make use of the instructions that we have published below and make the experience of using Gmail far more agreeable for yourself.

gmail account

Sign in to your Gmail account

  • In the first place, you have to sign in to Gmail by going to the website of Google ( and clicking on the “Sign in” button.

manage gmail account

Enter the password in this field and sign in to the system

  • Use your email address and the password of your account in order to sign in.

tips for manatging gmail accoun

You can access your Gmail account by simply clicking on this button, placed at the top of Google’s main webpage

  • After getting signed in, you will get redirected back to the main webpage of Google. Find the “Gmail” text button at the top of the page and give it a click.

use gmail account

Access the settings of your account in order to make the use of Gmail easier

  • In your Gmail account, click on the button of settings (which is displayed in the form of a cogwheel) and click, right after it, on the “Settings” option.

gmail settings

These are some of the functions you can enable for making the experience of using Gmail better

  • First of all, you have to adjust some of the general settings. There are the following settings that may be of a particular interest to you: desktop notifications (you will receive notifications about new letters), keyboard shortcuts (you will be able to use shortcuts for certain operations), button labels (you can switch them to the text ones), “my picture” (you can set up your picture), and “Create contacts for auto-complete.” Once you have configured the settings the way you wish, go to the bottom and click on the “Save” button.

change gmail settings

Themes are also a nice way of adorning your Gmail inbox

  • Then, choose the section of themes, among other sections of settings. After that, click on the “Select a theme.” Then, there will be displayed a window where you will be able to choose a new theme for your account. After you have done it, click on “Save.”

configure gmail settings

Gmail labs allow you to enable the features that are not introduced in the settings

  • Go to the section of labs. In that section, you will get to see various widgets and useful features that aren’t available as complete features, since they just undergo testing. Yet, you can enable them anytime. Enable the lab widgets you wish by placing a tick near “Enable.” Then, go to the bottom of the page and click on the “Save” button. These are quite important features you are able to take advantage of, indeed.

settings of gmail

After you have selected all you want to enable, click on this button