How to Connect Gmail Account with Other Email Addresses

It is a great opportunity to be able to connect Gmail account with other email addresses of yours, which allows you to manage the contacts as well as to send letters from the name of that address by simply using your Gmail account.


All this lets you not just enjoy the comfort this feature offers, but also reduces the time you spend on managing your email accounts. So if you wish to be more effective and get more free time, make use of our simple, step-by-step guide that we have published below.

connect gmail account

Get logged in on the Google´s main webpage in order to connect Gmail account with other emails

  • Before you will connect Gmail account with other email addresses, you should begin by going to Google’s main webpage ( and clicking on the “Sign in” button.

gmail account

Enter your password and proceed further in order to access the inbox

  • Find the “Sign in” button, placed in the right-upper corner. Once you have spotted the button, click on it.

gmail account linking

Click Gmail and enter in the inbox of your Gmail account

  • On the following page, you have to enter your email address (the one of Gmail) and click on the “Next” button. On the next page, you should provide the password of your account and click on “Sign in.”

gmail account connect

Go to the settings of your account, if you want to connect Gmail account with the other email of yours

  • Immediately after it, you will get to see the main page of Google once again. You need to find the text button of Gmail at the top and click on it (look at the image).

connect gmail

You have to go to this section in the settings

  • On the page of your account, you have to click on the button of settings. In the pop-up menu, which will be opened right after the click on the button, you need to click on “Settings.”

connecting gmail account

Choose what type of email address you want to add

  • In the menu of settings, find the “Accounts and Import” section. Go to that page.

gmail import contacts

Enter the other email address of yours in this field

  • On that page, you will find several lines that may interest you. In particular, those lines are “Import mail and contacts”, “Send mail as”, and “Check mail from other accounts.” Choose what you need by clicking on the respective button and proceed further.
  • In the next window, you should enter the email address you want to add. Then, click on the “Next” button.

gmail connect

Click on this button in order to start managing your email address via your Gmail account

  • Right after that, you will get to see the page where you have to specify certain settings and provide the password of the other email account. Once you have done it, click on the “Add Account” button. That’s all! Now, you can take advantage of the synchronized accounts.

You are able to find out how to sign up for Gmail, sign in to this system, or create a new Gmail account by using our guides.