How to Carry Out a Gmail Account Checkup

In case if you want to make sure that your Gmail account is protected well, you may have a need to carry out a Gmail account checkup. This simple, step-by-step guide will show you how to do this checkup within a minute (or at least a couple of minutes) and make sure that your account is OK. So, just follow the instructions published below in order to ensure the safety of your Gmail account. Enjoy!


gmail account checkup

In the first place, log in to your Gmail account

how to carry out checkup of gmail account

After providing your email address, click on the “Next” button

  • On the main webpage, you will get to see the “Sign in” button, colored in blue and placed in the right-upper corner. Click on it.

check gmail account

Enter the password of yours and proceed further

  • Then, you will have to complete the procedure of Gmail sign in. Type your email address in the window’s field and click on “Next.”

check account on gmail

Click here in order to access the inbox of your Gmail

  • The next window will require you to provide your password. After doing so, click on “Next.”

checkup of gmail account

After clicking on the icon of your profile, give a click to the “My Account” button

  • You will get logged in and redirected to the service’s main webpage again. At the top, you will see the text button with a text “Gmail.” Click on it.

checking gmail account

This way looks the page of your Gmail account

  • Then, click on the button of your profile, located in the right-upper corner, and trigger a small pop-up window. There, click on the blue “My Account” button.

gmail protection

Click on this text button in order to carry out a Gmail account checkup

  • After doing so, you will get to see the page of your account in Google, where you can adjust all the settings. Yet, you should scroll down.

gmail account protection

Here, you can check the recovery options

  • Once you have got to see sections like “Security Checkup,” “Privacy Checkup,” etc., you should stop and click on the “GET STARTED” text button near “Security Checkup.”

protection of gmail account

Check who is using your account and from which device

  • That should kick start the process of checkup. First, you will be asked to complete the recovery information (you should provide both the mobile number and email address). After doing so, click on “Done.”

ensure gmail account

Right on this page, you can change your password

  • Then, you will see the sessions from the current and other devices. You can sign out of your account on certain devices, if it’s someone else. If you need to change the password, click on “Something looks wrong.” If not, click on “Looks good.”

test gmail account

This is the finishing touch of your Gmail account checkup

  • The next section will contain a suggestion to change your password. Click on either “Change password” or “No, thanks.”
  • At the end, you will get to see what third-party apps and plugins have obtained the information about you. You can prohibit them to see the information by clicking on “Remove” near a respective app.