Gmail Labs Available at the Present Time

Gmail, an email service from Google, can boast a large number of useful features, and one such feature is Gmail labs. Gmail labs actually allow you to take advantage of the features that still have not been implemented, yet just under testing. In this article, you can find out how to turn the features you want on and what features are available at the present time.


If still haven´t signed up for Gmail, you can find out how to do it here or on this page.

gmail labs

Get logged in to your Google account and take advantage of Gmail labs

Gmail features

First, enter your email address

  • On Google’s website, click on the blue “Sign in” button, located in the right-upper corner.

google features

Provide the password of your Google account and proceed further

  • Enter your phone number or email address in order to sign in to Gmail. Click on “Next.”

google labs

Choose Gmail out of other Google apps

  • Enter your password and click on “Sign in.”

Google testing features

Access the settings window in order to utilize Gmail labs

  • On the main page of Google, you need to click on the button of Google apps (consisting of 9 little blocks in three rows). Among other apps, choose Gmail.

google testing labs

You have to go to this section of your Gmail settings

  • Once you have accessed the inbox, click on the Settings button, located on the right side. In the pop-up menu, click on “Settings.”

gmail testing features

This way look Gmail labs

  • At the top, there will be a menu of settings. Click on “Labs.”

gmail testing labs

In order to enable any of these labs by Gmail, you can select “Enable” near a respective feature

  • On that page, you will get to see a page of labs, features under testing. In order to enable a feature you want, you should click on “Enable” near a respective feature. There are the following features available:

Authentication icon for verified senders. By enabling this feature, you will get to see a special icon near letters from verified senders.

Auto-advance. This feature allows you to proceed to the next letter when moving to archive, deleting, or muting a conversation/letter.

Canned Responses. It allows you to send canned (custom) responses to certain or all senders.

Custom keyboard shortcuts. This feature allows you to edit keyboard shortcuts for your Gmail.

Google Calendar gadget. You will get to see a calendar with events, locations, and details in your inbox.

Google Voice player in mail. Allows you to play voicemails, received by you, right from the inbox.

Mark as Read Button. You will be able to mark all messages you want as read without actually having to read them.

Multiple Inboxes. This feature allows you to add more inboxes for the most important messages.

Picasa previews in mail. If you receive a link to the Picasa website in a letter, you will get to see a preview with an image.

gmail test

After having enabled the labs you want, click on „Save Changes”

Pictures in chat. You will see profile photos of your friends in the chat.

Preview Pane. You can enable a preview pane and pre-read messages.

Quick Links. By enabling this feature, you can make quick, comfortable links in your letters.

Quote selected text. You can select a text in a letter you have received and make a quote out of it.

Right-side chat. You can move your chat box to the other side.

Smartlabels. All letters you receive will be automatically sorted to the Forum, Notification, or Bulk folders.

Unread message icon. You will get to see how many unread messages you have by having a look at the icon in your browser.

Yelp previews in mail. If you receive a Yelp link in a letter, you will get to see previews of Yelp listings (such as phone number, rating, locations, etc.).

  • After enabling the features you want, click on the “Save Changes” button, located at the bottom of the page.