How to Place a Gmail Profile Picture

If you are a user of Gmail, there are myriads of features you can take advantage of. One of such is an ability to place a Gmail profile picture, which will be displayed to those who chat with you or receive your emails. There is nothing difficult in setting up a Gmail profile picture and all you should do is to follow our instructions.


set up gmail profile picture

The first thing you should do is to access the main page of Google and click on “Sign in”

place gmail profile picture

At this point, you are able to select an account where you want to place a Gmail profile picture

  • Once you have accessed the Google’s main page, click on the “Sign in” button, located in the right-upper corner.

change gmail profile picture

Furthermore, you need to log in by making use of your password

  • Following it, you will have to complete the procedure of Gmail sign in. At first, you will be asked either to type your email in the provided field or select your account.

alter gmail profile picture

Access your Gmail inbox by giving a click to this text button

  • After it, you will be asked to type your password. Once you are done with it, click on “Next.”

add profile picture on gmail

You have to click on this cogwheel button and access the page of settings by selecting the “Settings” item in the menu

  • Eventually, you will end up on the Google’s main page once again, but this time you will be logged in. Now, click on the “Gmail” text button, placed at the top.

set up profile picture on gmail

You are able to place a Gmail profile picture on the page of the general Gmail settings

  • That will lead to accessing your inbox, where you should click on the “Settings” button (in the right part of the page).

change profile picture on gmail

In order to upload a Gmail profile picture, you need to click on this text button

  • After prompting a pop-up menu by that click, you have to select “Settings.”

alter profile picture on gmail

Click on the “Select a file” button in order to upload your photo

  • On the “Settings” page, you will get to see the page of general settings of your account at first. That is the place where you can set up a Gmail profile picture. In order to do so, scroll down and find the “My picture” line.

configure gmail account

After selecting the photo and cropping it the way you wish, you have to apply the changes you have made

  • Then, click on the “Select a picture” text button.
  • In another window, you need to click on the “Select a file” button.

customize gmail account

Here, you can select your profile photo to be visible for everyone

  • Choose a profile photo from your PC/laptop and click on “Open.”
  • Following it, crop the photo the way you wish and click on “Apply Changes.”

gmail account set up

At the end, don’t forget to save the changes you have made

  • Then, choose whether you want it to be visible to everyone or only to the people you chat with – select “Visible to everyone” in the first place.
  • After all, scroll down till the very bottom of the page and click on “Save Changes.”