How to Make Use of Gmail Vacation Responder

Are you going to be absent for a pretty lengthy period of time, yet you don’t want to miss an important email or make someone think that you don’t answer intentionally? Well, if you are the user of Gmail, you are able to take advantage of the Gmail vacation responder feature. This feature allows you to set up a certain pattern of letters, which will be sent to everyone who will email you (though, this setting can be configured as well). So if you are in need of doing so, all you have to do is to follow our instructions.


How to Make Use of Gmail Vacation Responder

In order to be able to configure your Gmail vacation responder, you need to log in to your Gmail account first

  • On Google’s main webpage, you will have to perform the procedure of Gmail sign in. In order to kickstart this procedure, you should click on the “Sign in” button, located in the right-upper corner.

configure vacation responder on gmail

On this page, you are able to select a Gmail account where you want to turn a Gmail vacation responder on

  • In the next place, you should either select your account or type your email in the provided field. Following it, click on “Next.”

google vacation responder configuration

In order to proceed further, you will be asked by Google to type your password in this field

  • On the next page, you will have to type your password in the given field and click on “Next.”
  • Following it, you will be returned to the main webpage of Google, but this time you will be logged in. Now, you have to click on the “Gmail” text button, placed at the top.

gmail vacation responder configure

After getting redirected back to the main webpage of Google, you should give a click to the “Gmail” text button

  • Once you have accessed your inbox, click on the “Settings” button in a form of a cogwheel. After prompting a pop-up menu, you should select “Settings” among other options.

set up vacation responder on gmail

After clicking on this “Settings” button in the form of a cogwheel, you should select the “Settings” menu item as well

  • On the page of settings, you will get to see general settings of your account at first. You need this section, yet you have to scroll down till the very bottom.

set up gmail vacation responder

You are able to set up a Gmail vacation responder right on your page of general settings

  • At the bottom, there will be the “Vacation responder” line. You need to check the box near “Vacation responder on.”
  • Then, you need to specify the first and the last dates of the vacation responder.
  • Eventually, you should end up specifying the header and the text of your message.

gmail and vacation responder

Once you are done with setting up a vacation responder and adjusting its settings, you should click on the “Save Changes” button

  • If you want to limit the number of people who will receive this reply, place a tick near “Only send a response to people in my Contacts.”
  • At the end, you should click on the “Save Changes” button, placed at the very bottom of the page.