Guide to Gmail and Inbox by Gmail Android Apps

In order to find out which of the Gmail Android apps is better for you, you need to test both of them.


gmail android apps

After using the keyword “gmail” in the Google Market, you will find the following Gmail Android apps

Gmail is considered to be one of the most secure and reliable email services, and Google has developed not only one, but two Android apps for the users of Gmail – Gmail and Inbox by Gmail. Gmail was the first Android app developed for Google for its email service, whereas Inbox by Gmail was developed later for users who sought more comfortability and simpler, more user-friendly design. This doesn’t mean that Inbox by Gmail is a way better – rather it is up to anyone’s taste which app to choose. Just you need to test those Gmail Android Apps, and in this article we will show how to do it.

gmail apps for android

The primary app for Gmail, which is also installed on many smartphones by default

  • In the first place, go to the Google Market and enter the following in its field of search: “gmail.”

gmail android applications

This is a kind of a substitute of the Gmail app, developed with a purpose to satisfy more demanding users  

  • At the top, you will see two Gmail Android Apps that we have mentioned above. We suggest you to take install them one by one and try to use each of the apps. After doing so, you will be able to make up your mind which app to keep on your smartphone. The installment and sign in procedures are pretty similar for both apps, so just follow these instructions for each of the app.

gmail applications for android

This way looks the starting page of Inbox by Gmail, which is considered to be a worthy application among other Gmail Android apps

  • Choose the app by clicking on it. You will see the Google Market page of the app, where you have to click on “Install.” Agree with the terms of use in order to proceed further.

install gmail app

In order to log in to the Gmail app, you need to synchronize your account first

  • After the app has been downloaded and installed, find its shortcut on the worktable and click on it.

install gmail application

Menu in the Gmail Android app

  • Skip the preview, and you will get to see the main page of the app. Click on “Add email address”, type your email address and password in the given fields. Click on “Next.”

gmail apps

On this page, you can edit the settings of your Gmail Android app

  • After adding the email address, click on that address and then click on the “Take me to Gmail” button.

gmail applications

This way looks the page of Inbox by Gmail

  • You will get to see your mail’s inbox. If you want to open the menu where you can find various folders and settings, find the button in the left-upper part of the screen and give it a click.

apps from gmail

Inbox by Gmail allows you to take advantage of a more comfortable sorting of letters

  • Now, you can enjoy one of the Gmail Android Apps. Carry out the same procedure with the other application.

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