How to Display Important Emails First on Gmail

Gmail is obviously one of the best email service providers. Yet, sometimes your inbox may look spammy anyway, and you may have a wish to make important email stand out. There are a number of features that can make your experience of using Gmail far smoother. This guide will focus on one of such features, as you will be able to learn how to display important emails first on Gmail.


How to Display Important Emails First on Gmail

The first step you should do is logging in to your Gmail account

  • In the first place, you should open your browser and go to the main webpage of Google:
  • Once you have done it, you will have to click on the blue “Sign in” button, placed in the right-upper part of the page.

set up gmail account

Select the account you wish to log in with in order to proceed further

  • After doing so, you will need to select your email address (or type it in). Do it in order to proceed further.

change gmail account

The next step of yours must be providing your password and giving a click on this button

  • On the next page, you will be asked to provide your password and click on the “Next” button. Do so.

configure gmail account

After being redirected to the main page of Google, you should click on this text button

  • Once you have been redirected to the main webpage of Google again, you should give a click to the “Gmail” text button, which is placed at the top of that page.

adjust gmail account

You can set to display important emails first on Gmail by accessing the page of settings

  • In your inbox, you need to access the page of settings. For that, you need to give a click to the “Settings” button, placed on the right side of the page.

improve gmail account

On the page of settings, you should go to the section of inbox settings

  • In the pop-up menu you have just prompted, you need to click on the “Settings” button.
  • Once you have got to see the page of settings, you will notice a menu of sections at the top. You need to click on “Inbox.”

gmail account settings

By selecting this option, you will set to display important emails first on Gmail

  • The page of inbox settings is the one where you can set up to display important emails first. You can do it right in the first line, next to “Inbox type.” There, you should select “Important first.” Though, if you want so, you can also choose other options: “Priority inbox,” “Starred first,” or “Unread first.”

gmail account configurations

At the end, don’t forget to save the newly configured settings

  • Once you have selected the option you wanted, proceed further by scrolling the page down till the very bottom. At the bottom, you will notice the “Save Changes” button. Click on it. After doing so, the new configurations regarding your inbox will be applied.

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