Setting Up Your Gmail Signature

As it was pointed out in other articles in this section, there are myriads of useful features of Gmail, and one of the most important ones is the feature of Gmail signature Indeed, setting up a signature allows you not simply provide your interlocutors with the information you need, but also popularize the brand of … Read more

How to Take Advantage of Gmail Add-Ons

Apart from Gmail labs, a useful feature that allows to embed a number of experimental stuff into your email, there is also an ability to add Gmail add-ons to your account. Add-ons are a sort of applications, developed by various companies, which broaden the number of the features available, as well as integrate your Gmail … Read more

How to Сhange Your Gmail Password

Gmail is one of the most secure and, therefore, popular email service providers. Considering that the Alphabet (the name of the company that owns Google, Gmail, and other affiliated services) offers a large variety of useful services to its users, it does not come as a surprise that Gmail accounts appear to be so popular. … Read more

How Gmail Has Changed Email Marketing [Info for Marketers]

Google with its daughter mail service has dramatically changed the ecosystem of email marketing (same as Google did in the SEO sphere). However, email marketers must be aware of the changes that occur in the field of Gmail email marketing, unless they want their efforts to be wasted. In this post we will uncover the … Read more

How to Clean Your Gmail Inbox

Sometimes even the cleanliest inbox may turn into a messy one in a matter of days or weeks. To say nothing of the occurrences when the inbox gets abandoned for a couple of months and, after that, the owner of that mail decides to get it back in a normal state. Our article contains tips … Read more