Best Tips For Using Gmail Account Effectively

If you have just joined Gmail – in particular, with the help of our Gmail Sign In, Gmail Sign Up, and Create New Account Gmail guides – you may need some assistance about how to use your Gmail account effectively. Gmail is the world’s largest email service provider, and there are various features and opportunities … Read more

How to Enable Gmail 2-Step Verification

When it comes to security of your Gmail account, one of the most important features available is indeed Gmail 2-step verification. The feature of Gmail 2-step verification allows you to access your Gmail account only with a phone confirmation (by SMS message or phone call). You can easily turn this feature on by following the … Read more

How to Change Gmail Text Style and Enable Undo Send Feature

While using Gmail, for example, you can change Gmail text style of the letters you send to other people, as well as you are able to turn the undo send feature on – in case if you may change your mind and want your letter not to be sent. Many people resort to using the services … Read more

Taking Advantage of Gmail Account Access Delegation

Gmail is an email service that provides its users with an impressive number of various features, and one of the useful features available there is Gmail account access delegation. Basically, if you need anyone to access your email address (your colleague, for example) in order to read emails, send letters and chat with someone, you … Read more

How to Set Up Gmail Offline Account

If you want to store all your emails and other information from your account on Gmail directly on your PC, you might have a need to install Gmail offline account. Basically, that is an app in Chrome, which enables you to do anything you want in your email without even having internet connection. You can … Read more